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Avaya Enables Campus Networking for More Than 20 Colleges in Korea


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, is responding to stronginterest from the campus networking customers in Korea. It recentlyprovided networking solutions to more than 20 universities,including Kangwon National University, Jangan University, InhaTechnical College and Gimcheon College, allowing faster networkaccess and easy network management for over 24,000 students. In thepast six months, Avaya Korea has provided networking solutions tomore than 10 public agencies and campuses.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, is respondingto strong interest from the campus networking customers in Korea.It recently provided networking solutions to more than 20universities, including Kangwon National University, JanganUniversity, Inha Technical College and Gimcheon College, allowingfaster network access and easy network management for over 24,000students. In the past six months, Avaya Korea has providednetworking solutions to more than 10 public agencies andcampuses.

Avaya networking solutions employed by those universities willhelp them operate networks in a more efficient way, enabling themto address increasing data traffic. With the introduction of Avayanetworking products, instructors and students are able to get moreinformation faster, increase use of the Intranet, and enhanceproductivity through faster work processing and communication.

Recently, Avaya forged a contract with Kangwon NationalUniversity to provide its networking solutions. Avaya's networkingsolutions will help the university manage a large amount of datatraffic while providing reliable network performance. Avaya'ssolutions for Kangwon National University network expansion projectinclude the Avaya™ P882 and P333R-LB Stackable Switch.

"It was inevitable to expand and upgrade our network as the datatraffic was increasing significantly. In the tests of switches fromseveral vendors, Avaya showcased superior performance andreliability," said Chul Hong, IT manager of Kangwon NationalUniversity. "Based on the test results, we expected that Avayawould enable us to rely on reliable networks to handle increasingtraffic.

Also Avaya won a contract to upgrade Jangan University'snetworks. Jangan University decided to replace existing networkswitches with Avaya switches to manage increasing data traffic. Theuniversity expects to easily migrate to 10 gigabit Ethernet in anattempt to accommodate continuously increasing data traffic on theuniversity's network. Avaya will provide P882 gigabit backbone andworkgroup switches for the university.

Avaya also won the network expansion project of GimcheonCollege. By deploying Avaya solutions on existing networks, thecollege was able to enhance the effectiveness and reliability ofthe network. For this project, Avaya provided the college withAvaya P580 Multiservice Switch, Avaya P333R-LB Stackable Switch andAvaya P333T Stackable Switch. Also, recently Inha Technical Collegeadditionally introduced Avaya networking solutions to upgrade itsnetwork to boost performance. Avaya P882 and Avaya P580 switchesenabled enhancement of network efficiency.

Avaya also recently won network projects for Jaeneung College,Kyonggi University and Gyeongju University, further strengtheningAvaya's foothold in the campus networking market.

"Based on successive employment of Avaya solutions by publicagencies and universities, we are convinced that Avaya's networkingsolutions have earned a good reputation in the local market forreliability, flexibility and investment protection," said Soo ManByun, sales manager of Avaya Korea. "Avaya will continue to workclosely with customers to satisfy their needs such as handlingincreased traffic, providing students and faculty with moreefficient service and applications."

The Avaya P882 Multiservice Switch combines powerful backboneswitching, high-port density, performance and capacity. Thishigh-density, highly scalable backbone switch supports up to 76810/100 Ethernet ports and 128 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The AvayaP882 is designed to support voice/data/video applications,satisfying the changing needs in the market. Supporting up to 28810/100 Ethernet ports and up to 48 full-duplex Gigabit Ethernetports, the Avaya P580 switch offers the high bandwidth andscalability that enterprises or educational institutions need.

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