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Avaya Enterprise Connect Solutions Make 'Headquarters Capabilities'Available to the Growing Base of Workers in Branch/Home Offices


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced AvayaEnterprise Connect Solutions, a set of solutions and services thatallows businesses to extend headquarters-type communicationsfeatures and functionality to the growing base of workers in branchlocations, home offices and frequent business travelers.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced Avaya Enterprise Connect Solutions, a set of solutionsand services that allows businesses to extend headquarters-typecommunications features and functionality to the growing base ofworkers in branch locations, home offices and frequent businesstravelers.

Fifty-three percent of U.S. employees work in branch offices oras "teleworkers," people who regularly or occasionally work fromhome or other remote locations, according toInStat/MDR1.

"Today, this 'disconnected majority' experiences gaps betweentheir remote location and headquarters that hinder productivity andservice quality, and increase operating costs," said Don Peterson,Chairman and CEO, Avaya. "Avaya Enterprise Connect Solutions, adirect response for businesses facing these challenges, eliminatesthese gaps and leverages open standards, IP telephony and a fullrange of life-cycle services to enable businesses and workers toextract maximum value from their communications systems andsoftware across all locations."

Avaya Enterprise Connect expands the advanced features andcomplete functionality of Avaya MultiVantage™ CommunicationsApplications — including Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, contactcenter, unified communication and messaging — from a centrallocation to any size office or home in a distributed enterpriseover a secure, high-performance converged network.

This solution can be customized and is supported throughout thedeployment by Avaya Global Services which provides a single-pointof accountability for converged networks, including networkassessment, planning, design, implementation, management andmaintenance services.

Real-life Benefits
Among the companies that have already deployed or are in theprocess of deploying Avaya Enterprise Connect are: SecurityServices Federal Credit Union, high-tech manufacturer BOC Edwards,Grant Thornton, OmniAmerican Credit Union and Protection One, oneof the largest security monitoring firms in the U.S.

Converged networks and IP telephony enable companies tosystematically connect their entire enterprise and achieveefficiencies and cost savings not possible in non-convergedenvironments. Avaya Enterprise Connect can provide communicationsconsistency across the business enabling companies to increaserevenues through top line growth driven by improved service,responsiveness and productivity, and bottom line growth throughreductions in operating costs, IT management and servicerequirements for inpidual locations. Additionally, greater accessto information and communication capabilities throughout theenterprise spectrum allows companies to deliver a stronger, moreconsistent customer experience and improve real-time and long-termstrategic decision-making.

"Providing 1,700 employees in our branch offices with access tothe same tools and information as we have in our primary locationswill ensure that we are more responsive to our customers and salesopportunities," said Mack Sands, Chief Operating Officer,Protection One. "By centralizing management and call handling, wecan work more effectively as a company — increasing customerloyalty and enhancing revenue opportunities and decision-makingcapabilities — while simultaneously cutting costs."

Security is embedded in Avaya Enterprise Connect Solutions andoptimized by media encryption capabilities combined with AvayaVirtual Private Network Solutions. The solution set also providesbusiness continuity through local survivability, meaning thatinpidual networked locations are able to continue business asusual even if the wide area network or primary location goesdown.

Investment Protection for existing multi-vendor networks andsystems
With Avaya's open-standards and Avaya Global Services, existingmulti-vendor networks and systems can be incorporated into thecommon platform of Avaya Enterprise Connect. For example: an AvayaEnterprise Connect solution can interoperate with a headquartersPBX from another vendor to evolve the enterprise to IP telephonyand distribute MultiVantage applications; some offices can retainAvaya digital telephones while others implement IP telephones;existing call center applications can be integrated into a new IPtelephony network; and data networking equipment from many vendorscan remain in place.

Avaya offers a branch office solution for any company size orneed. In addition to Enterprise Connect, the company offers itsAvaya™ IP Office, which is a cost-effective, "all-in-one" voice,data, and IP telephony solution for small-to mid-sized businessesor for autonomous offices within a larger enterprise.

Avaya's other "one-stop" targeted solutions include Avaya GlobalConnect and Avaya Communications Continuity solutions. GlobalConnect helps companies create global contact center and backoffice operations to support "customer care anywhere";Communications Continuity solutions specifically address corporateand government requirements for secure communications networks andmaintaining business operations in the event of networkdisruptions.

Avaya Enterprise Connect, Global Connect and CommunicationsContinuity Solutions are available now through Avaya's worldwidesales and authorized Avaya BusinessPartners.

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks formore than 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90 percent ofthe FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is aworld leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP)telephony systems and communications software applications andservices.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications withbusiness applications — and distinguished by comprehensiveworldwide services — Avaya helps customers leverage existing andnew networks to achieve superior business results. For moreinformation visit the Avaya Web site:

1 All Business is eBusiness: U.S. Remote BranchOffice Demographics and the Impact of Fragmentation on ITPlatforms, Instat/MDR (formerly Cahner's InStat). January 2001.

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