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Avaya Helps to Foster Community Relations on Lewisham Estate


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading provider of communications networksand services for businesses, today announced the installation of awireless communication network for residents on the Winslade Estatein New Cross Gate, Lewisham, south-east London. The network, whichwas designed and installed by Avaya's business partner,

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced theinstallation of a wireless communication network for residents onthe Winslade Estate in New Cross Gate, Lewisham, south-east London.The network, which was designed and installed by Avaya's businesspartner, Echo Communications, allows residents to accesscouncil services online in their homes or wherever they are on theEstate. Also, Lewisham Council will provide Estate residents withhigh-speed free, unlimited access to e-mail and the Internet.

Currently, the wireless network is available to residents whohave their own PCs and who live within a four block hot-spot on theEstate. They are fitted with Avaya™ wireless cards provided free ofcharge by Lewisham Council.

Once online, residents can register with toaccess CommunityWeb, a software tool enabling people with limitedcomputer skills to share information with others in the community.Developed by Computer Literacy, a specialist provider of educationprogrammes and training services to businesses in the UK andEurope, CommunityWeb provides residents with a free Winslade e-mailaccount, chat and discussion forums. Also, access to CommunityWeboffers other benefits such as information on crime preventioninitiatives and local news and events, online learning, careersadvice and communication with the Council regarding localrepairs.

In addition, those residents on the Estate living outside thehot-spot can visit the Cyber Centre to get online. Alternatively,they can enter the hot-spot to take advantage of the freeconnection and access the community network.

The wireless network benefits the Winslade Estate residents byproviding a simple, convenient way to access the Internet free ofcharge, compared to a typical cost of £25 per month for alternativeservices.

One resident taking advantage of the network is 76 year oldVerna Lewis, whose son Neil is teaching her how to use a computer,the Internet and e-mail. Neil Lewis comments: "Having a high-speedInternet connection in the area is allowing me to teach my motherhow to use the Internet properly and will ensure she can keep intouch with me when I move back to California in November."

Antonio Leon of Echo Communications said, "Since theinstallation of the wireless network, the Winslade Estate residentshave experienced a stronger sense of community, allowing residentsto get online and get involved in community activities andinitiatives from their own homes, without having to arrange theirown costly Internet connection."

Lynda Colman, Avaya's convergence business development managercommented: "Lewisham is demonstrating a proactive approach togetting the community online and is leading the way with its use ofwireless technology to help meet the Government's ElectronicService Delivery initiative. The whole project has proved anenormous success and as such Lewisham plans to extend the networkto the rest of the Estate."

In the future, it is hoped that the wireless network andCommunityWeb will be used by local businesses to develop andadvertise their services online, providing income generation toestablish a community-led business.

Avaya worked with its business partners, distributor NV3and reseller Echo Communications to install: Avaya AP-3™Wireless LAN access points to provide wireless coverage for thefour blocks across a 54MB LAN and Avaya wireless cards to thoseresidents with PCs.

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Echo Communications Ltd.
Established in 1987, Echo is now one of the UK's most experiencedindependent providers of communications solutions. Based on Avayasystems, Echo offers the skills, service and support to providecomplete integrated voice and data solutions. In addition tomanaging least-cost billing from public carriers, Echo also designsand implements network cable infrastructure. The entire Echocustomer support operation is quality assured to ISO 9002 and isprovided 24 hours a day from the Echo headquarters in Wandsworth.(

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