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Avaya Introduces IBM Lotus Domino Version of Its Market-LeadingUnified Messaging Software

  • Avaya Unified Messenger® provides the two most popular officedesktop applications with extended productivity tools andcapabilities

Avaya Inc. (NYSE: AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced Avaya UnifiedMessenger — IBM Lotus Domino version, the newest release of itsmarket-leading unified messaging software. Offering single-mailboxaccess to email, voice mail and fax messages from any phone or PC,Avaya Unified Messenger helps workers communicate more effectivelywith customers, colleagues and business partners for faster serviceand efficient decision-making. By supporting Lotus Domino inaddition to Microsoft Exchange, Avaya Unified Messenger extends theproductivity of the two most popular office desktop applications.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE: AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced Avaya Unified Messenger — IBM Lotus Domino version, thenewest release of its market-leading unified messaging software.Offering single-mailbox access to email, voice mail and faxmessages from any phone or PC, Avaya Unified Messenger helpsworkers communicate more effectively with customers, colleagues andbusiness partners for faster service and efficient decision-making.By supporting Lotus Domino in addition to Microsoft Exchange, AvayaUnified Messenger extends the productivity of the two most popularoffice desktop applications.

Avaya Unified Messenger addresses a growing need for anytime,anywhere access to multiple types of messages. According to anIn-Stat/MDR report, approximately 32 million U.S. employeesroutinely worked from home or away from the office in 2001. Thereport predicts the number of telecommuters will increase to 42million by 2005. Office-based workers also benefit from easieraccess to messages, whether it's during a meeting break, a weekendcheck-in for customer calls or a quick compiling of recent messagecorrespondence with a client or co-worker.

"With the Lotus Domino version of Unified Messenger, Avayasignificantly expands the market reach of its unified messagingproduct line," said Robert Mahowald, research manager, IDC."Enhancements in administration, scalability and interoperabilitywith existing networks make this an even more attractiveproductivity package for enterprises of all sizes, in both Lotusand Microsoft environments."

As businesses converge their communications, Avaya is committedto erasing barriers within enterprise networks to make applicationsincreasingly plug-and-play, allowing users at a terminal ortelephone of any kind to interact with business processes. Linkingvoice messaging to a data application such as Lotus Notes is aperfect example of communication-enabling business processes.

Using the familiar IBM Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook onscreenin-box, Avaya Unified Messenger enables workers to access, storeand manage voice mail and fax messages, in addition to email, froma single desktop mailbox. The solution also allows users to access,forward and reply to messages, including email, from any telephone,providing an easy way to check and manage messages and workflowwithout logging on to a PC. Find-me/reach-me features give workersmore control over how, where and when they can be contacted,without having to navigate complicated forwarding procedures. Inaddition, employees can use the IBM Lotus iNotes web interface toaccess the complete feature set of Avaya Unified Messenger.

"There's no question workers are being asked to manage andrespond to more types of messages in greater quantities than everbefore," said Vic Langford, Avaya vice president, UnifiedCommunication Solutions. "Avaya Unified Messenger enables LotusNotes users to accelerate message management and business processesto increase responsiveness to customers and associates withoutneeding to learn new interfaces. With easy access from any phone orPC, workers can handle communications more effectively on the roador at the office."

CCH INCORPORATED is a leading provider of tax and business lawinformation and software for accounting, legal, human resources,banking, securities, insurance, government and health careprofessionals. The company selected Avaya Unified Messenger forLotus Domino to streamline workflow and improve fieldcommunications with technical support teams.

"Integrating email, voice mail and fax traffic in a singlemailbox has been an important time saver for our technical staff,"said Jill Sullivan, CCH senior technical manager. "The find-me,call-me and notify-me features allow our team to receive urgentrequests immediately. We've cut down on phone and voice mail tag sowe're able to be more responsive."

Sullivan said that Unified Messenger is also proving useful tomembers of the CCH sales team and to others who travelfrequently.

"The product has a huge impact on the capabilities of fieldsales workers," said Sullivan. "They can provide a single numberfor clients to reach them, regardless of whether they are in theoffice or on the road. And they then can access all their messagesby phone or PC, whichever they find more convenient."

Avaya Unified Messenger — Lotus Domino version also offersseveral advantages to network administrators. The software runs inconjunction with a company's Lotus Domino servers, providing asingle point of administration. Using the same directory as LotusDomino, Avaya Unified Messenger allows workers to access a singledirectory resource for voice mail and email distribution,eliminating the need to synchronize across multiple corporatedirectories. The software is also highly scalable, from 4 to 690ports and able to serve up to 30,000 users, with open interfacesfor connectivity to most major brands of PBXs and communicationsservers.

Avaya Unified Messenger — Lotus Domino version is available inthe U.S. beginning January 20, 2003, with worldwide rollout duringthe remainder of the year. Avaya Unified Messenger — MicrosoftExchange version is available now worldwide.

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