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Avaya Launches IP Telephony Solutions That Increase Security,Simplify Management and Expand Mobility of Converged Networks


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced new productsthat increase the security of Internet protocol (IP)communications, simplify the management of converged networks, andenable enterprises to meet the needs of increasingly mobile endusers.Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced new products that increase the security of Internetprotocol (IP) communications, simplify the management of convergednetworks, and enable enterprises to meet the needs of increasinglymobile end users.

The new portfolio of products includes a new generation ofmarket-leading software applications, media servers and gatewaysfor small, medium and large enterprises, and a full range ofdesktop and wireless IP telephones. All of these products arepowered by the new release of the company's flagship IP telephonysoftware, Communication Manager 2.0.

Avaya Communication Manager is a core component of Avaya'sfamily of IP-based MultiVantage™ Communications Applications. Thesoftware provides organizations with access to a broad range ofadvanced communications capabilities, including one of the mostcomprehensive security solutions for IP telephony in themarketplace.

With this release, Communication Manager increases security withnew support for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), protectingvoice conversations carried on converged networks in an openstandards environment. Additionally, new IP signaling encryptiondefends enterprises against hacker attempts and those seeking tosteal confidential information transmitted between a headquartersand a branch office. The security features of Communication Managerare part of an overall security solution that includes Avaya'sworldwide services organization — Avaya Global Services — whichprovides network assessment and security consulting for IPsolutions in multi-vendor environments.

The new release of Communication Manager also contains newUnicode support to expand the multi-lingual capabilities of an IPtelephone's visual displays, such as caller ID and Web screencontent. Unicode is a standard that allows text in virtually anylanguage to be rendered on a device or PC display. With Unicode,Avaya Communication Manager expands its language support,introducing the software in Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

For road-warriors working in any location, Avaya CommunicationManager enhances its Extension-to-Cellular application, enablingcell phone users to access an expanded array of call handlingfunctions. Avaya Extension-to-Cellular lets users extend theirprimary business phone number to their cell phone — providingone-number accessibility. This application now extends essentialcall handling features to a cell phone, enabling mobile employeesto use their cell phones to initiate multi-party conference calls,forward and transfer calls to other employees, or negotiate betweenmultiple callers.

The new release of Avaya Communication Manager providessimplified packaging, available in either a single-site ormulti-site edition for organizations serving multiple locations,and now integrates built-in management tools. The software servesas the foundation for all of Avaya's converged products, includingtoday's new introductions:

  • A media gateway designed for small branch offices (Avaya G350Media Gateway).
  • A media gateway for medium-to-large sized enterprises withmission-critical communications (Avaya G650 Media Gateway).
  • A media server for medium-to-large sized organizations (AvayaS8500 Media Server).
  • A mid-range IP telephone, featuring a graphic display andWeb-enabled capabilities (Avaya 4610SW IP Telephone).
  • An IP speakerphone for conference room deployment featuringwide microphone coverage (Avaya 4690 IP Speakerphone).
  • Two wireless IP phones: a compact version for generalenterprise deployment (Avaya 3616 IP Wireless Telephone) and arugged version for industrial and institutional applications (Avaya3626 IP Wireless Telephone).
  • The new version of the company's IP messaging application(Avaya Modular Messaging 1.1).

"Since launching its new generation of IP telephony solutionsalmost two years ago, Avaya has consistently bolstered the productline, increasing its value to enterprise customers and at the sametime challenging competitors," said Brian Riggs, principal analyst,Current Analysis. "The current additions to its family of convergedproducts, and enhancements to Avaya Communication Manager, willprovide customers with greater configuration and deployment optionswhen implementing IP telephony solutions."

New Gateways, Servers and Applications Deliver AdvancedCommunications to Branch Offices
In 2004, the number of U. S. employees in enterprise firms (thosewith 1,000 or more employees) working remotely is expected toincrease, with more than half working out of a branch officelocation.1 Avaya is addressing this trend with newgateways and servers that meet the needs of an increasinglydistributed workforce.

The new G350 and G650 Media Gateways — designed for small branchoffices and large corporate campuses, respectively — enableorganizations to effectively deploy and manage CommunicationManager features across offices with as few as eight or as many as36,000 users.2 This includes Localized Dialing Planfeatures, which let branch offices and other regional locationscustomize department extensions, regional announcements, outsideaccess codes and other vital calling capabilities.

The new media gateways and servers integrate industry-leadinglevels of business continuity, helping enterprise communicationsremain active during network interruptions or maintenance. Amongthe business continuity solutions are RAM Disk call processing forthe Avaya S8500 Media Server for medium-to-large sized businesses,Local Survivable Processor (LSP) options for the G350 Media Gatewayand duplicate IP server interfaces for G650 Media Gateway portnetworks. Communication Manager contains new diagnostic tools thatenable routine maintenance or upgrades to occur withoutinterrupting voice traffic on a network.

Avaya's entire portfolio of converged products and solutions aresupported by Avaya Global Services, which provides a full range ofmaintenance, management and business continuity services to helpensure highly resilient converged networks.

New Avaya applications include the next version of Avaya's IPmessaging platform, Avaya Modular Messaging 1.1, which providesscalable Internet standards-based messaging and call answeringsolutions. This version delivers IP connectivity to AvayaCommunication Manager, reducing costs and simplifyingimplementation across distributed converged networks. Now, in asingle product, customers have choices of desktop messaging byphone, IP phone, Web browser, IMAP4 clients, and plug-ins toMicrosoft Outlook.

"As a recognized leader in IP telephony, Avaya providesbusinesses around the world with the highest levels of security,scalability and functionality for converged networks," said MickyTsui, vice president and general manager, Communications SystemsDivision, Avaya. "These new products expand Avaya's portfolio ofconverged solutions to serve enterprises of all sizes, helpingorganizations securely and cost-effectively deliver IP telephony toany business location — from the smallest branch office to thelargest headquarters location."

New Avaya IP Phones Improve Productivity of the MobileWorker
In addition to the software's Extension-to-Cellular enhancements,Avaya Communication Manager powers Avaya's second generation of IPwireless telephones for those requiring mobile communicationsthroughout their work campus. These 802.11-ready devices come in alightweight version for corporate use (3616) or a new heavy-dutyversion (3626) for those working in industrial environments. Bothversions give employees access to the more than 700 features ofCommunication Manager, and the heavy-duty version can function as'push-to-talk' walkie-talkies over a wireless local areanetwork.

Communication Manager also powers the next generation of AvayaIP phones, broadening its portfolio with a new Web-enabled IPdesktop phone (4610SW), an IP conference station (4690), and thesecond generation of Avaya IP wireless telephones.

Charter Steel: Cost-Effective IP Telephony Solutions RaisingCommunications to the Next Level
One of the companies benefiting from the Avaya converged softwareand systems — including the new version of Communication Manager,the S8500 media server, and the G650 Media Gateway — is CharterSteel, a privately held firm supplying the automotive industry.Charter Steel migrated to Communication Manager 2.0 from a priorgeneration Avaya telephony application, protecting much of itsexisting investments and processes.

Charter Steel is using the software to distribute advancedtelephony features to seven of its company locations across theMidwest. The features include Speech Access for CommunicationManager, which allows employees to use spoken commands to accesscorporate directories and initiate phone calls and "meet me"conferencing capabilities that eliminate the need for costlyoutside conferencing services. Charter Steel's quality control andtechnical support employees use the Avaya IP Softphone for PC toremotely access their network and communicate via laptopcomputer.

"Communication Manager gives us the flexibility to deliver theprecise set of features our employees need — whether they areworking at the manufacturing plant or remotely from home or acustomer location," said Peter Schwei, telecommunicationssupervisor, Charter Steel. "Avaya is helping raise our business toa new level of communications, while saving us thousands of dollarsa month by eliminating costly T1 lines formerly used to linkcompany sites. Avaya sets the bar for IP telephony, from securityand maintenance to the capabilities of its IP applications."

For more detailed information on all of the products announcedtoday, please visit:

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks formore than 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90 percent ofthe FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is aworld leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP)telephony systems and communications software applications andservices.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications withbusiness applications — and distinguished by comprehensiveworldwide services — Avaya helps customers leverage existing andnew networks to achieve superior business results. For moreinformation visit the Avaya Web site:

About Avaya Global Services
Avaya Global Services includes more than 7,000 consultants andprofessionals and 23 network operations and 13 technical centersworldwide. The Avaya Services team assesses, plans, designs,manages and maintains converged voice and data networks, includingmultivendor local area and wide area networks. For more informationabout all offerings from Avaya Global Services, please visit:

1 In-Stat/MDR Report: What's Next: Telecom Trends andExpenditures in the US Business Market, June 2003
2 Figure based on Avaya configuration of S8700 mediaserver and gateways

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