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Avaya Participates in IDC's Asia Pacific IP Convergence Conferences2003 in Korea

  • Avaya presents the critical success factors a CIO should addressin moving to IP Telephony

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading provider of communications networksand services for businesses, today announced its participation inIDC's Asia Pacific IP Convergence Conferences 2003.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced itsparticipation in IDC's Asia Pacific IP Convergence Conferences2003.

James Haensly, Avaya's Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacificwill present the key areas CIO should address in IP Convergence toreach the desired results of total cost of ownership (TCO) andreturn on investment (ROI) while keeping the network safe, secure,and capable. Haensly will speak with IT leaders on the successfactors in moving to IP telephony through topics ranging fromsecurity, network management, application integration and mobilityto use of future technologies such as SIP. New applications relatedto business continuity and collaboration and customer case studieswill be presented that will help Korean businesses become moreproductive and effective.

"For most businesses, the question is no longer 'should mycompany move to IP Telephony?'; now businesses are seeking the bestway to do so and the benefits beyond cost avoidance, such asimproved business continuity, better leverage of skill setsthroughout the enterprise, and collaboration that they can takeadvantage of to help their business become more effective inserving customers," said Haensly.

Avaya has gained the leadership position in both the U.S. andworldwide enterprise IP telephony markets in first quarter of2003*.

Avaya participated in the conference on August 26, 2003 inSydney, Australia and will participate on September 4, 2003 inSeoul, Korea.

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks formore than 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90 percent ofthe FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is aworld leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP)telephony systems and communications software applications andservices.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications withbusiness applications — and distinguished by comprehensiveworldwide services — Avaya helps customers leverage existing andnew networks to achieve superior business results. For moreinformation visit the Avaya Web site:

* According to the InfoTech report, InfoTrackfor Enterprise Communications, Avaya's U.S. market share in IPtelephony is 22 percent, representing an increase of fourpercentage points over the final quarter of 2002. In the worldwidearena, according to the Synergy Research Group report,Enterprise VoIP Worldwide Market Shares, Avaya leads with a22 percent share of the total enterprise IP telephony market.

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