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Avaya Wins MCIT 'Smart Village' Headquarters Contract forInformation Technology Zones in Egypt


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, has been chosen to providethe communications infrastructure for the new 'Smart Village'-basedheadquarters of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and IT(MCIT).

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, has beenchosen to provide the communications infrastructure for the new'Smart Village'-based headquarters of the Egyptian Ministry ofCommunications and IT (MCIT).

The 'Smart Village' is the first of three information technology(IT) zones planned for Egypt, part of the government's efforts toinduce ICT (information communications technology) companies,targeting the Middle East market, to base their operations inEgypt.

Five of the buildings at the 'Smart Village' allocated to MCIT,which will look after the administration and maintenance of theambitious project, will be connected through Avaya's SYSTIMAX®Structured Connectivity Solution (SCS) product suite including thelatest addition to the SYSTIMAX family, the GigaSPEED® XLSolution.

Avaya's industry-leading structured connectivity solutionsenable the provision of data, voice and video services. The MCITsolution will be the first in the Middle East and North Africa toincorporate Avaya's state-of-the-art SYSTIMAX® iPatch® System,which provides real-time, intelligent patch cord management,thereby reducing the cost of maintaining voice and datanetworks.

"The village will cater to the specific needs of technologypeople. To achieve this the ministry needs to be able toeffectively and efficiently communicate with the necessaryparties," said Mostafa Abdel Wahed, Director of Telecom Strategic& Technical Planning Department, MCIT.

"It is therefore vital that the ICT infrastructure of the MCITheadquarters be able to underpin these endeavours, not just now butin the future. It is with this mind that we have chosen Avaya todesign and implement our communications infrastructure.

"Avaya is the international benchmark for connectivity,continually raising the bar in order to ensure the networking oftoday can support the applications of tomorrow. There is greatsynergy between the missions of MCIT and Avaya," said Wahed.

Avaya's GigaSPEED XL solution exceeds four-fold the recentlyinternationally-ratified Category 6 standards for networkperformance in Local Area Networks (LANs), as outlined by theISO/IEC (Class E) and Telecommunications Industry Association,comfortably supporting Gigabit Ethernet applications. MCIT'sinfrastructure will also make use of Avaya's OptiSPEED™ fibre opticcabling solutions, enabling 100 Gb/s connectivity, and its advancedintelligent patching system, the SYSTIMAX iPatch System, which willallow monitoring of all connections within MCIT's five buildingsfrom a central administration point ensuring networkingefficiency.

"By integrating hardware and software, the iPatch System willenable MCIT to have real-time, at a glance control of all telecomroom connections, minimising trouble-shooting time while increasingnetwork efficiency, security and overall control of the network,"said Ehab Kanary, Country Manager, Connectivity Solutions,Avaya.

Traditionally, the only way to check which ports were connectedwas to physically follow the patch cord from end to end. Usingelectronic links, Avaya's system equips patch panels with a meansto detect when and where connections are made, making it possibleto monitor and record the status of port connections real-time.

This real-time port connectivity monitoring and mapping systemspeeds and improves patch cord implementation and accuracy. TheiPatch System will be used to monitor in excess of 450 kms ofGigaSPEED XL copper cabling, 4 km of OptiSPEED fibre optic cablingand some 4,000 outlets. When complete, the communicationsinfrastructure will provide the connectivity to support high-speeddata, voice and video transmissions critical to MCIT'sbusiness.

"MCIT has stressed the need for its communicationsinfrastructure to support the growing demands placed upon it by theevolving and expanding community of 'Smart Village'. Avaya'sconnectivity solution for its 'Smart Village' facility will havethe built in scalability and flexibility to cater to tomorrow'sbandwidth intensive applications," concluded Kanary.

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