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Avaya to Build Leasable Call Center for Chinese Telecom Operator


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks for businesses, today announced that it will build a largecall center for the Unicom Guomai Communications Co., Ltd. inChina. Once completed, the call center will be leased toenterprises and serve as their virtual customer service center. Theleasable call center will initially serve customers in themanufacturing, retail and direct sales industries or enterprisesusing the "800" toll-free call number for hotline service.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks for businesses, today announced that itwill build a large call center for the Unicom Guomai CommunicationsCo., Ltd. in China. Once completed, the call center will be leasedto enterprises and serve as their virtual customer service center.The leasable call center will initially serve customers in themanufacturing, retail and direct sales industries or enterprisesusing the "800" toll-free call number for hotline service.

With a capacity of as many as 330 agents and 270 trunks, thecall center will carry out customer service tasks on behalf ofenterprise users, thus enabling them to focus on their corebusinesses. The call center, now under construction and expected togo into service by March 2003, marks another major step by ChinaUnicom following the launch of call center leasing business inBeijing last year in an attempt to expand business.

The project, won by Avaya and system integrator Shanghai FineTelecom Equipment Co., Ltd following an open bid, will be suppliedwith two of Avaya's core products — Avaya® DEFINITY EnterpriseCommunications Server (ECS) G3r and Avaya® Call Management System(CMS). Avaya will also be responsible for installation, testing andservices. As the system integrator, Shanghai Fine will provideComputer Telephony Integration (CTI) and application software.

Shen Weidong, manager from the commercial call center section atUnicom Guomai, said: "In China, more and more enterprises aremaking efforts to improve their service in order to retain existingcustomers and develop new customers. One of the tools they use iscall center which they regard as a customer service platform todeal with various inquiries from current and prospective customersand hear their opinions and suggestions."

He added: "As different enterprises have different sizes andbudgets, some choose to build their own call centers, but othersopt to lease call centers from telecom operators. It is after westudied the needs of the latter that we launched our call centerleasing service in order to provide these enterprises with anoption of customer service."

Shanghai-based Unicom Guomai is a pision of China Unicom, oneof the five telecom operators in China. It is the No.1 paging brandin Shanghai, offering superior technical reliability, geographiccoverage and customer service. Its "126", "127" and "128" citypaging numbers as well as "191","192", "198" and "199" nationalpaging numbers are widely recognized. While maintaining its pagingbusiness, Unicom Guomai has been looking for other opportunities,hoping to leverage its experience in telecommunications operationsand services to serve enterprise customers. Call center leasing isone such opportunity that Unicom Guomai has put sights on forbusiness growth.

Shen said: "Building the leasable call center only meanscompletion of infrastructure. Unicom Guomai is actively trainingagents so that they will acquire knowledge about the enterprisesthey work on behalf of, their products and services. Our ultimategoal is satisfaction by the enterprises and their customers. Also,we will add application software to the call center for suchvalue-added service as customer relationship management. We hopethat our leasable call center will become one of the most helpfulcustomer service tools for enterprises."

Mike Wu, Avaya's channel sales manager for the East Chinaregion, said: "Avaya is optimistic about call center outsourcing inChina, because it has a huge market potential. We believe that ourcooperation with Unicom Guomai on this project will significantlysharpen Unicom Guomai's competitiveness in the call center leasingmarket and maintain Avaya's position as one of the technology andmarket leaders in call center in China."

He added: "We have built many call centers for China Unicom toimprove its own customer service and we enjoy very closerelationship with it. The Unicom Guomai project is just one rewardof our good relationship and we are convinced that suchrelationship will continue."

Designed for large call centers, Avaya's ECS G3r is a powerfulvoice processing and voice messaging platform. Supporting as manyas 44 ports with a processor port network (PPN) and 43 expandableport networks (EPN), it can serve up to 5,200 agents. Its modulardesign guarantees maximum flexibility and scalability.

Avaya CMS is an optional database, administration and reportingapplication software designed for enterprises that receive a largevolume of telephone calls and have complex contact centeroperations. It provides the information and management tools youneed to monitor and analyze the performance of your contact centeroperations. Avaya CMS can show you where improvements are neededand can help you take fast, effective action.

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