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Avaya's Enhanced SYSTIMAX® iPatch System Enables IT Managers to Optimise Network Efficiency and Cut Downtime


Avaya announced new hardware and upgraded software for its SYSTIMAX® iPatch System product line, an intelligent patch cord management solution.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communications networks and services for businesses, today announced new hardware and upgraded software for its SYSTIMAX® iPatch System product line, an intelligent patch cord management solution. With the addition of these new capabilities, iPatch System customers now have the ability to actively monitor and troubleshoot the most sensitive portion of their cabling infrastructure - high capacity fibre backbone connections - where a single erroneous patch can leave an entire department without access to critical network services. The iPatch System is available through Avaya's worldwide network of authorised Connectivity Solutions business partners.

These latest iPatch System enhancements extend the solution's patented real-time patch cord monitoring and control capabilities to the fibre portion of enterprise networks. Also, the enhancements allow for the transmission of iPatch System physical-layer connectivity map and alarm data to leading Network Management applications.

Enhancements include new iPatch Fibre Shelves and iPatch System Manager Version 3.0. The iPatch Fibre Shelves are SYSTIMAX 600-type fibre shelves. They come equipped with 12 duplex SC couplers (24 fibres) that support the SYSTIMAX fibre portfolio - SYSTIMAX OptiSPEED, LazrSPEED®, and TeraSPEED applications. Each coupler has sensors to detect patch cord insertion as well as a button and LED to support the same one-touch patch cord tracing capability provided by the existing iPatch copper panels. Monitoring and tracing of both simplex and duplex patch connections are supported, using industry standard SC cords. The new iPatch System Fibre Shelf is fully compatible with existing iPatch System hardware and is supported by the iPatch System Manager software version 2.2. or higher.

iPatch System Manager Version 3.0 adds links to Network Management Systems (NMS), such as HP OpenView, that allow users of these management tools to receive alarms from the iPatch system, to query iPatch System Manager, to view CAD floor plans showing the location of network equipment, and to obtain physical-layer circuit traces. iPatch System Manager uses the industry standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to report alarms to the customer's NMS, ensuring that these alarms will appear in the NMS standard alarm browser window. iPatch System Manager allows customers to specify on a per circuit basis whether or not SNMP alarms will be generated when a cabling change occurs, thus ensuring that IT Managers receive alarms only for those circuits that they have deemed critically important. Also, iPatch System Manager Version 3.0 supports improved cable management features, such as the ability to document consolidation points, panel-to-panel cabling, fibre panels and cables, and network switching equipment.

"Avaya's iPatch System has taken cost and risk out of moves, adds and changes to copper cabling through easier planning, better communication with technicians and less paperwork," said Dan Macauley - iPatch Solution Systems Architect, at Avaya Labs. "Now these benefits are available when managing fibre channels as well."

Also, Macauley noted that adding SNMP to iPatch means that real time monitoring of key backbone and horizontal channels can be integrated with overall network management, resulting in greater time and cost savings for users. And, unlike other intelligent patching systems, iPatch System users can use industry standard copper and fibre patch cords, eliminating the cost and complexity associated with the need to use proprietary cords."

"Intelligent patching is a simple, powerful way to improve network economics," said Macauley. "We believe it is the way of the future and are committed to constant improvement of iPatch System product line to give users a clear path to higher uptime and lower cost of ownership."

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Pricing and Availability
The iPatch Fibre Shelf is available from May 2003. The iPatch System Manager Version 3.0 will be available from June 2003.

About Avaya
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