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Avaya's Enterprise Class IP Solutions to Power IP Network of FamousBrewery in China


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks for businesses, has announced that its renowned EnterpriseClass IP Solutions (ECLIPS) will be used as the backbone of the IPnetwork now under construction at the automobile mould factory ofthe Wuliangye Brewery Group in Sichuan Province in Southwest China.Avaya and its business partner Huapu Information Technology Co.,Ltd. collaborated to win this IP converged network projectfollowing a highly competitive open bid.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks for businesses, has announced that itsrenowned Enterprise Class IP Solutions (ECLIPS) will be used as thebackbone of the IP network now under construction at the automobilemould factory of the Wuliangye Brewery Group in Sichuan Province inSouthwest China. Avaya and its business partner Huapu InformationTechnology Co., Ltd. collaborated to win this IP converged networkproject following a highly competitive open bid.

The IP converged network at the mould factory is expected tooperate in early 2003. It is anticipated that the ECLIPS-powerednetwork will significantly improve productivity and savecommunications and network management costs at the factory. The IPnetwork will also be a good model for many enterprises in the sameindustry to follow.

Wuliangye is one of the top breweries in China and its Wuliangyedistilled liquor is one of the best-selling alcoholic drinkingbrands in the country. In an attempt to persify its businesses,Wuliangye has built what is believed to be Asia's largestautomobile mould factory at its headquarters in Yibin, SichuanProvince to design and produce moulds and related products for theautomobile, machinery, aviation and space industries. The factorydecided to build a highly effective IP enterprise network combiningboth voice and data to serve business communications. Traditionalcommunications would rely on two separate networks of voice anddata, each running on its own.

It has been agreed that Avaya will provide the mould factorywith its core ECLIPS products — Avaya® DEFINITY EnterpriseCommunications Server (ECS) and Avaya™ P580 MultiService Switch.The voice and data switches will be linked by an IP trunk tofulfill IP convergence on the network.

Avaya's ECLIPS enables organizations to fuse their voice anddata systems into one robust network for seamless communications.With powerful features and functionality, ECLIPS products giveinpiduals access to files, email, browser, fax and voice mailmessages from wherever they are located. Its open architecture isready for network scaling and upgrading, thus protecting long-terminvestments of enterprises.

Commenting on the ECLIPS-based IP network, Yang Ming, projectmanager at the Wuliangye Brewery Group, said: "There is no doubtthat communications network plays a big role in business operationswithin an enterprise. It is also indisputable that differentnetworks will bring different outcome. The reason why we chose anIP converged network is that we wanted to use a single networkinstead of the normal separate networks of voice and data. Thatway, we will be able to have easy communications both internallyand externally, and at the same time save communications andnetwork management costs. This is exactly killing two birds withone stone."

More than a traditional private automatic branch exchange(PABX), Avaya® DEFINITY ESC has evolved into a powerful scalableapplication server that can be tailored to fulfill the requirementsof any customer in virtually any country in the world. It isscalable from 25 up to 25,000 endpoints. The endpoints can be acombination of analog, digital and IP phones. Networking optionsinclude QSIG, SS7, ISDN, ATM and IP. Therefore, enterprises canrely on the DEFINITY ECS for communication any time and anywhere,using various tools such as telephone, fax, video, Internet andemail. The DEFINITY ECS for the Wuliangye mould factory will usethe ATM technology to transmit voice and data through standardtelephone lines.

Heading Avaya's family of LAN switches, Avaya™ 580 MultiServiceSwitch provides strong scalability support for next-generationnetwork such as converged data/voice/video network and IP network.Its 55 Gbps switching/routing capacity, advanced Quality of Service(QoS) and SAFER Technology (Switch Architecture For ExtremeResiliency) software for no single point of failure can resolvenetwork bottlenecks and make network management easier.

Romi Zhang, Avaya's sales manager for the southwestern Chinaregion, said: "ECLIPS has strong scalability and we are convincedthat the Wuliangye mould factory will extend the use of the networkfrom VoIP to many business applications such as CRM and videoconferencing in order to maximize the value of the network."

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