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Avaya's Proactive Contact Management Solutions Enables Bank Bostonto Lower Operating Costs and Increase Revenue


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks for business, today announced that it has supplied BankBoston Argentina with Proactive Contact Management solutions thathave enabled the bank to improve collections and achieve costsavings of approximately US$650,000 per month.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks for business, today announced that it hassupplied Bank Boston Argentina with Proactive Contact Managementsolutions that have enabled the bank to improve collections andachieve cost savings of approximately US$650,000 per month.

The Avaya Customer Relationship Management solution hasincreased the bank's collections rate to over 90% while increasingproductivity and improving customer service. The project which tookeight months to implement and deploy, features Avaya PredictiveDialing System with Avaya™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR), thatprovides Bank Boston with an easy way to contact customersproactively by telephone, and creates a readily available avenuefor the customer's action. Once contacted, the system offerscustomers an automated method to complete transactions, orre-directs their calls for additional assistance via spokencommands or touch-tone.

"The Avaya solution quickly paid for itself. We began seeing areturn on our investment even before the project was completed. Notonly has it made our collections more efficient, but the AvayaSelf-Service solution has actually improved customer service, byallowing callers to resolve their issues through self-service,"said Jason Spooner, collections manager for Bank BostonArgentina.

In addition to increasing collections, Avaya's Proactive ContactManagement solutions, enable Bank Boston to access statisticsreports, conduct real time management, monitor the productivity andeffectiveness of the agents, adjust parameters of currentcampaigns, customize agent screens, and generate alarms among themany other actions that are key in achieving success in theircollections activities.

"The solutions not only facilitate the work of the bank's callcenter agents but they maximize the quality and quantity of contactwith customers by eliminating the time spent in selecting theaccount, making the phone call and waiting for an answer. It allowsthem to take advantage of that time to upgrade the database andenables more customized and effective contact with each customer,"said Fernando Rubio, commercial director of Avaya Argentina.

Avaya's Proactive Contact Management solutions also helpcompanies to better know their customers and better manage theirresources by compiling data stored in the company's system duringcontact and interaction with customers. Avaya is a global marketleader in customer contact center solutions and interactive voiceresponse systems, with more than 22,000 customer care andmulti-channel contact center customers worldwide. Avaya PredictiveDialing System is also a market leader, with more than 1,100implementations worldwide.

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