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Avaya's SYSTIMAX® Solutions Ensure the Secure Flow of Informationfor Boehringer Ingelheim

  • - Pharmaceuticals giant updates its Buenos Aires laboratoryinfrastructure with Avaya GigaSPEED® XL and LazrSPEED™ ConnectivitySolutions

Avaya Inc., (NYSE: AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced thatBoehringer Ingelheim, one top 20 pharmaceutical companies in theworld, has installed the first SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL advancedcopper cabling developed in Argentina, to improve the flow ofinformation throughout the company's computer systems.

Avaya Inc., (NYSE: AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced that Boehringer Ingelheim, one top 20 pharmaceuticalcompanies in the world, has installed the first SYSTIMAX GigaSPEEDXL advanced copper cabling developed in Argentina, to improve theflow of information throughout the company's computer systems.

Boehringer Ingelheim needed to increase systems output andreduce network downtime. As a result of installing a solution fromAvaya, error transfer has been cut, as has the delay in sending andreceiving information, which has enabled Boehinger Ingelheim toboost network productivity and lower operating costs.

The four buildings that comprise the company's headquarters inNúñez, Buenos Aires, have been completely revamped following theinstallation of Avaya structured cabling. The cabling supports awide range of systems and the new infrastructure will soon connectclosed circuit TV and IP (Internet Protocol) phone systems.Boehringer's Núñez headquarters houses 400 employees and amanufacturing plant that is one of the company's eightinternational Research & Development laboratories. Productsmanufactured there are distributed throughout Latin America andearnings from the plant are in the order of US$30 million.

The new cabling helps work groups enhance their productivity andfacilitates communications in the development and manufacturingprocesses of a wide range of general healthcare and veterinaryproducts. Among the most popular of Boehringer's brands inArgentina are Buscapina®, Secotex®, Berotec®, Bisolvon®,Pharmafort® and Antepsin®.

"The development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals isgoverned by very tight, very specific regulations, so we need anetwork structure of equally high standards," says AlejandroTalevi, Boehringer Argentina's systems manager. "Good communicationmeans that all departments run smoothly and work togetherefficiently and productively. It is vital for the development ofour business that information transfer be quick and reliable, andwe all know that with SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling Solutions we'llbe getting maximum output with minimum trouble-shooting," headded.

The headquarter buildings are four to six stories high and havemore than 1,500 voice, data and video connection points. Double andquadruple consolidation points located in the work areas areconnected via 9 communication ports linked by 500 meters ofLazrSPEED 6 fiber multimode optical cables. These main networkconnections can handle dataflow of up to 10Gb/s.

From the communication ports to the connection points mounted ondifferent floors, the GigaSPEED XL channels provide performancewell above standard Category 6/Class E cabling specifications. Thismeans that they can easily deal with end-to-end network rates of upto 1Gb/s.

Avaya and their Prestige BusinessPartner, DTE, designed thecabling infrastructure for Boehringer's headquarters. The cablingitself is routed beneath the flooring and has additionalconnections to provide the network with extra flexibility. Intotal, more than 60kms of GigaSPEED XL copper cabling has beeninstalled in the work areas. DTE also provides remote monitoringbackup service for the new network.

"The Buenos Aires headquarters is one of the top laboratories inLatin America and it is one of the major centers of BoehringerIngelheim's global organization. We are proud to have been able toprovide cabling for a project of this scale," says RamiroArostegui, SYSTIMAX Sales Manager for the Southern Cone. "Thedevelopment of new drugs and medicine involves major, long-terminvestment. Its success depends on hundreds of people being able towork together efficiently. We are confident that SYSTIMAX solutionsgives Boehringer Ingelheim a headstart in achieving this goal inBuenos Aires."

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Based in Ingelheim, Germany, the Boehringer Ingelheim Corporationmanufactures and markets products and pharmaceuticals (prescriptionmedicine, consumer health care products) for industrial customerssuch as chemical and biopharmaceutical companies in more than 60countries around the globe.

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