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Countdown to the FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003:

  • Avaya converged voice, data and wireless technologies overcome infrastructure limitations at temporary headquarters site; Avaya Global Services security gurus button-up network

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV) this week passed a major milestone in the countdown to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Women's World Cup 2003 when the network for the tournament's Long Beach, Calif., headquarters went "live."

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV) this week passed a major milestone in the countdown to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Women's World Cup 2003 when the network for the tournament's Long Beach, Calif., headquarters went "live." As a result, more than 150 tournament staffers will be able to manage the complex accreditation and logistics processes for the upcoming event and to field the official tournament Web site where real-time match results will be posted.

As an event sponsor and the Official Convergence Communication Provider for the tournament, Avaya is racing to complete the headquarters network, along with six others at stadium venues around the country  all before the first match on September 20 in Philadelphia.

Located on three floors of the Westin Hotel in Long Beach, the headquarters site presented Avaya network technicians with two looming challenges: how to overcome wiring limitations at the facility that would be the tournament's temporary nerve center, and how to establish a secure network in a public venue while allowing controlled access to inpidual applications and databases.

The wiring issues were particularly critical, since replacing the hotel's existing infrastructure would be costly, time-consuming and disruptive to the Westin's operations.

"FIFA and the tournament's Local Organizing Committee needed far more voice and data connectivity than the hotel could normally support," said Doug Gardner, Avaya managing director for the FIFA World Cup Technical Program. "To overcome that hurdle, we designed a wireless, converged voice and data network that allowed us to place phones, PCs and other endpoints precisely where they were needed  without having to overhaul the Westin's wiring infrastructure. It's a great solution for getting a temporary facility up and running in a hurry."

Avaya designed a similar solution for the National Basketball Association that trimmed more than a week from the setup time required for the group's NBA All-Star 2003 event.

Securing Critical Tournament Information
Equally important to the success of the network is how well it meets FIFA's security requirements. Tournament organizers needed secure, restricted access to support four distinct organizations: FIFA, FIFA Marketing, the Local Organizing Committee and the Yahoo! team responsible for the design and operation of the tournament's official Web site, In addition, they wanted high-speed Internet access for visitors, but needed a way to bar them from accessing other information on the network.

"We used Avaya Security Gateways and Virtual Private Networks to establish four secure, virtual networks at the Westin  eliminating the expense and complexity of building physically distinct operations," said Bryan Jefferson, the senior network consultant for Avaya Global Services who designed the solution and oversaw its installation. "By designing a single network we were able to improve redundancy and to better control and monitor access, and to do it with significantly less equipment."

Jefferson teamed with colleagues from the Avaya Global Services Security Practice to design appropriate security features into the network. Working together, they incorporated the following Avaya solutions for secure communications:

  • Avaya Security Gateways are used for secure, remote access. These same gateways are allowing network specialists at the Avaya Global Services Network Operations Center in St. Petersburg, Fla., to access the network securely for remote monitoring and management around the clock until the tournament concludes.
  • Avaya VPNmanager® software is allowing administrators to establish and manage security policies for the network through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • To protect wireless traffic, Avaya's Wireless Routing System is providing highly secure 64-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy and 128-bit RC4 encryption.
  • For added security, each of the wireless endpoints on the system uses Avaya VPNremote® Client for secure, authenticated access to network resources.
  • Converged voice calls traveling between telephones, other endpoints and the network switch are encrypted to protect them from hackers or electronic eavesdroppers. Avaya is the only converged voice vendor in the market today to offer this capability.

About Avaya
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