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DIRECTV Improves Customer Service and Increases Subscriber BaseWith Technology From Avaya


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services to businesses, today announced that it hassupplied DIRECTV in Mexico with a Contact Management solution thatenabled the company to improve customer service and increase itssubscriber base by 23 percent in one year.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services to businesses, today announcedthat it has supplied DIRECTV in Mexico with a Contact Managementsolution that enabled the company to improve customer service andincrease its subscriber base by 23 percent in one year.

The Avaya solution allows DIRECTV to address 100 percent of theproblems and concerns reported by customers, thereby increasingcustomer satisfaction and retention. Using Avaya InteractionCenter, DIRECTV subscribers are able to contact the companyanytime, anywhere, and use any means (e-mail, web, or telephone) toaccess information and receive consistent and personalized service.Avaya's solution also helps drive improvements in businessperformance by providing DIRECTV customers with the ability toaccess more information through self-service and assisted-servicecapabilities when it is convenient for them.

DIRECTV is a satellite entertainment service that offersconsumers a variety of programs including movies, sports, concerts,news, and music. In order to better serve their customers, DIRECTVinvested in technology that allows subscribers to receiveinstructions on setup and programming via the web or telephone.

With Avaya Interaction Center, DIRECTV was able to integrate itsvarious call centers in order to route, manage, record, and reporton customer interactions across a variety of communication channels— including Web, e-mail, and advanced telephony systems. Thishelped the company manage high volumes of customer transactions,gain business value from all relevant customer information, anddeliver consistent and integrated customer service.

Avaya Interaction Center intelligently routes customers in theirpreferred medium of communication to the appropriate workers withinthe contact center, and provides employees with the customer,transaction, and product information they need to deliver qualityservice. Integrating the customer care function enabled DIRECTV toreduce costs while at the same time improve responsiveness byfollowing up on all calls regarding disruption in service.

DIRECTV is also able to continuously monitor and quickly analyzetheir contact center operations with the consolidated contactcenter reporting and analysis capabilities of Avaya™ OperationalAnalyst, which facilitate continuous improvements to manage costsand drive revenue.

"Our goal is to continue to offer the best customer servicepossible. To achieve this, in addition to a great team, we count ontechnology as a key factor in helping us reach our goal. Avaya'ssolutions have helped us reach our objective of providing qualitycustomer service to all our subscribers," said Roberto Sierra,president and managing director of DIRECTV Mexico.

"To successfully strengthen customer loyalty and buildadditional revenue, businesses need to provide a consistent,quality experience across a variety of systems and communicationsformats. We're pleased that we are able to offer customers such asDIRECTV solutions that achieve this," said Laurent Pruvost,managing director of Avaya Mexico.

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