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Microsoft Mexico Improves Internal Productivity with AvayaSolutions

  • Avaya's technology allows Microsoft Mexico to access new era ofUnified Messenger services.

Avaya, Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global supplier of communicationsnetworks and services to businesses, today announced that MicrosoftMexico has successfully implemented Avaya Unified Messenger®solutions that have improved employee productivity and helped thecompany reach its business objectives.

Avaya, Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global supplier ofcommunications networks and services to businesses, today announcedthat Microsoft Mexico has successfully implemented Avaya UnifiedMessenger® solutions that have improved employee productivity andhelped the company reach its business objectives.

Last year, Microsoft began a worldwide initiative to improve itsUnified Messenger system. The company needed to optimize the use ofits voice mail system, and implement technologies that would allowemployees to use the Outlook program in the most productive waypossible. Microsoft selected Avaya's Unified Messenger 4.0 forMicrosoft Exchange 2000, which provides a single interface tovoice, e-mail and fax messages. Users can retrieve, respond to, andmanage all communications from a touch-tone telephone, multimediaPC, or Internet connection.

The new technology implemented at Microsoft Mexico enablesemployees to send and retrieve messages when they are away from theoffice. They can retrieve and manage voice messages with e-mail, ore-mail messages by phone. E-mail messages can be listened to usingtext-to-speech conversion, and e-mail attachments can be convertedto faxes for printing on a fax machine. The Unified Messengerapplication makes it easy for Microsoft employees to stay in touchfrom any location at any time.

Avaya's Unified Messenger System is currently used by 263Microsoft Mexico users, and has the capacity to support more than600, which means that the company can triple the number of userswithout affecting or changing its infrastructure, thereby coveringits growth needs for years to come.

"When a product is evaluated, not only is the Microsofttechnical department involved, by also a multidisciplinary group oftechnical teams is actively involved to be able to take the bestpurchase decision," explained Manuel Herrera, systems manager forMicrosoft Mexico.

"Avaya's Unified Messenger solutions were selected because theycomplied with Microsoft's quality and functional requirements, inaddition to being 100% compatible with our platform," addedHerrera.

The transition to Avaya Unified Messaging was seamless and wascarried out so that the traditional voice mail and unifiedmessenger system worked in parallel, without interruptions to theservice. The system is so easy to use, that Microsoft Mexicoemployees were up and running on Unified Messenger without the needof special training to use the system.

Unified Messaging is not the only advantage of the Avayasolution, which includes several new features that providereal-time communication functionality. Among them are "find-me" and"call-me" notifications, which allows subscribers to establishvarious schedules with different phone numbers — such as home orcellular — and to receive automatic calls when a particular callerand/or message is received. For instance, a user working at homecan program Unified Messenger to forward calls made to their officeto their home phone at times during the day determined by the user.That same worker may choose to be paged whenever a message arrivesfrom a key customer.

For Microsoft, it is critical to have a reliable system thatoperates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Avaya ensures continualservice by having two servers working in parallel, each one ofwhich has the capacity of receiving four unified messaging ports.In other words, in the remote case that one fails, the otherscontinue working.

"Avaya is definitely an important player in the communicationstechnology industry. They demonstrated that they had the bestsolution to meet the requirements we were looking for in order toincrease the productivity of users and for us to fulfill our mainobjective of keeping in constant contact with our customers,"concluded Herrera.

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