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New Avaya Solutions Extend Predictive Routing to Web-based CustomerInteraction, Helps Contact Centers Manage Compliance with U.S.Federal "Do Not Call" Registry and Potential European Legislation

  • Avaya Customer Interaction Suite features advanced capabilitiesfor personalized multi-channel service, compliance monitoring andself-service scalability

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced the AvayaCustomer Interaction Suite, a suite of contact center solutionsfeaturing new and advanced capabilities that deliver personalizedcustomer service across any communications channel, help contactcenters manage compliance with U.S. state and national "Do NotCall" registries, and improve the scalability of self-service.Given the numerous obligations imposed in Europe concerning theprocessing of personal data, and the need to comply with consumerlegislation, such as the distance selling directive, the featurescontained in Avaya's Customer Interaction Suite may also be usefulto European organisations in complying with potential Europeanlegislation.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite, a suite of contactcenter solutions featuring new and advanced capabilities thatdeliver personalized customer service across any communicationschannel, help contact centers manage compliance with U.S. state andnational "Do Not Call" registries, and improve the scalability ofself-service. Given the numerous obligations imposed in Europeconcerning the processing of personal data, and the need to complywith consumer legislation, such as the distance selling directive,the features contained in Avaya's Customer Interaction Suite mayalso be useful to European organisations in complying withpotential European legislation.

Each of the suite's solutions — which encompass the areas ofContact Management, Self-Service, Proactive Contact andOperational Effectiveness — are powered by new versions of thecompany's contact center applications, which have been broughttogether into a single, integrated product suite with simplifiedpricing. Designed to support a multivendor, open standards-basedinfrastructure, the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite enablescontact center managers to seamlessly integrate businessapplications from leading customer relationship management (CRM)vendors, and provides a foundation for the rapid development of newapplications. The suite is part of Avaya's family of InternetProtocol (IP)-based MultiVantage™ Communications Applications.

Avaya Customer Interaction Suite Addresses Contact CenterPriorities
For inbound customer inquiries, the suite extends Avaya's patentedpredictive routing technology to all multi-channel communications,including customers coming into a contact center via e-mail or theWeb. The routing technology enables enterprises to predict aninbound customer's needs by evaluating service levels, pasttransactions and agent availability, and then matching theinpidual with the most qualified agent. Previously, thiscapability was only available when a customer called the contactcenter on a telephone. This new capability enables businesses toserve a larger number of customers more effectively.

For example, when a customer's request arrives via e-mail, itsurgency and service level requirements are analyzed based on thee-mail address, the case that is generated, and its relationship toa business' customer service objectives. After the customer isidentified, his or her needs are prioritized against all otherincoming multi-channel inquiries and available agents in order toprovide an optimal response. This ensures that every customerinteraction opportunity is maximized, along with each agent's timeand effort.

For outbound sales calls, the suite helps ensure that a contactcenter's predictive dialing capabilities — which provide automatedcustomer outreach — are in compliance with updated US state andnational regulatory rules, including "Do Not Call" registries.Through real-time and historical monitoring of outbound calls,Avaya helps contact centers manage business priorities whileadhering to new regulatory requirements, and provides tools togenerate a consolidated compliance report that can be presented ondemand. Additional enhancements to Avaya's predictive dialingcapabilities help keep automated outbound sales calls compliantwith "call abandonment" regulations, driving successfulinteractions between agents and customers in a timely manner and inaccordance with regulations. These critical capabilities helpcompanies optimize sales opportunities, while deriving the greatestbenefit from every customer relationship.

The Avaya Customer Interaction Suite also delivers enhancementsto scalability and interoperability. In terms of scalability, itprovides contact center managers with a software-based self-serviceplatform that operates on higher capacity, stackable,industry-standard servers. This increases scalability and supportfor Voice XML and IP telephony applications, and enablesenterprises to more cost-effectively scale their self-servicecapabilities through reduced equipment, integration and managementcosts. Additionally, the suite expands its operating systemavailability to the IBM AIX™ operating system, including IBMWebSphere* application server, and IBM DB2* Universal Database.

Customer Service Solutions to Help Businesses Reach GreaterRevenue
"The Avaya Customer Interaction Suite directly addresses thetrends that our research shows are driving today's contact centermarket," commented Robin Goad, Managing CRM Analyst, Datamonitor."The contact center market in Europe continues to grow, andcompanies of all sizes are demanding a unified solution that canaddress all of their customer contact and self service needs. Forlarger centers this means a scalable solution that supportsmultiple sites and provides unified reporting, whereas smallercenters are more interested in IP technology and solutions that canbe implemented quickly and cost effectively. By targeting thesetrends head-on, Avaya provides executives with a solution that iseasily accessible, and drives greater value from contact centeroperations."

The solutions within the suite enable enterprises to address awide range of priorities, such as effectively responding tocustomer inquiries, providing cost-efficient customer self-service,managing proactive customer outreach consistent with new regulatoryguidelines, and improving operational effectiveness withcentralized management capabilities.

"The Avaya Customer Interaction Suite provides enterprises withsolutions to help them enhance their customer relationships andgrow revenues," said Keith Larson, vice president and generalmanager for Avaya's CRM solutions group. "Our industry-leadingcontact center applications and related systems and services areenabling businesses around the world to optimize theircommunications networks to achieve a superior competitiveadvantage."

A business using Avaya's contact center solutions is NexCareCollaborative, an information and referral organization within thehealthcare services sector. NexCare turned to Avaya for help inincreasing the efficiency of its contact center operations, whichprovide free help-line services to families with children. Thecompany requires customer communications in multiple languages andintegrates many of the capabilities found in the Avaya CustomerInteraction Suite, including features that leverage multi-channelinteraction.

"Avaya's contact center solutions were the best choice forhelping us achieve our goal of raising customer service to the nextlevel with enhanced communications," said Jilda Castaldo, projectscoordinator, NexCare. "The capabilities Avaya provides, such asspeech-based self service and skills-based routing of calls, enableus to intelligently and rapidly meet the needs of those who requireour services with immediacy."

Avaya Expands Leadership Position in ContactCenters
Avaya is a global contact center infrastructure leader, rankingfirst in international markets, including the North America andAsia Pacific regions1. In addition, Avaya was recentlylisted in the leaders quadrant for Gartner's 2003 MagicQuadrant2 studies of contact center infrastructureproviders in North America and in Europe, Middle East and Africa, aranking based on a company's completeness of vision and ability toexecute.

A significant factor in Avaya's leadership position is theexpertise of the more than five hundred contact center design andimplementation experts in Avaya Global Services' ProfessionalServices group. These experts help companies tailor solutions toaddress their specific customer business objectives.

Avaya Global Services assists companies in defining goals andimplementing solutions based on advanced technologies. Theseprofessionals can personalize service in a multi-channelcommunications environment, re-design operations for a globalcustomer care strategy, and evaluate how to decrease customer waittimes, in addition to other ways to optimize contact centerperformance.

For more detailed information and pricing on all of theapplications and capabilities comprising the Avaya CustomerInteraction Suite, including information on vendor applications andoperating systems supported, please visit:

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks formore than 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90 percent ofthe FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is aworld leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP)telephony systems and communications software applications andservices.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications withbusiness applications — and distinguished by comprehensiveworldwide services — Avaya helps customers leverage existing andnew networks to achieve superior business results. For moreinformation visit the Avaya Web site:

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*Denotes a trademark or registered trademark of theInternational Business Machines Corporation.

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