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Paperless University? Malaysia Emerges as Southeast Asian Leader inAdvanced Communications for Education

  • Avaya deploys 10GE network at the University College ofEngineering and Technology Malaysia (KUKTEM) in Kuantan, Malaysia —the first completely converged university in Southeast Asia

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading provider of communications networksand services for businesses today announced the deployment of thefirst, fully converged Avaya 10GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) network inSoutheast Asia.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses today announced the deploymentof the first, fully converged Avaya 10GbE (Gigabit Ethernet)network in Southeast Asia.

The state-of-the-art network is installed in the UniversityCollege of Engineering and Technology Malaysia (KUKTEM) in Kuantan,Malaysia. This converged site uses a complete, end-to-end set ofAvaya's solutions — from converged infrastructure supported by10GbE and wireless LAN, to IP Telephony and contact centerapplications.

KUKTEM is moving towards a paperless university, equipping alllecturers and students with computer notebooks and wireless LANaccess. And, with the capacity to handle data traffic up to 10,000megabits per second, the Avaya 10GbE network provides the hugebandwidth needed to power the paperless environment whereby books,lecture notes and examinations are all online.

In a clear demonstration of rapid ROI, the new network makespossible the university's Library-on-Server application, wherebyreference books are stored on the server for students to readonline or download into their computer notebooks. This initiativedrastically reduces the cost of maintaining a large library ofbooks and a team of librarians to manage it.

All lecturers attend meetings with their computer notebooks andtap KUKTEM's wireless LAN. By doing so, meeting minutes and notescan be disseminated and shared immediately afterwards, helping toboth minimize and speed administrative work.

With the first online examination scheduled next month, KUKTEMis setting the pace for finalizing and releasing examinationresults in minimum wait time while at the same time reducing thelecturers' workload.

Puan Wan Maseri Bte Wan Mohamad, Head of the ICT of KUKTEM said,"We wanted a solution that will live up to our name of theUniversity College of Engineering and Technology. In line with ourvision to be a world-class competency-based technical university,we must be able to maximize the solutions now while planning forthe future.

"Since KUKTEM is a new institution, we could choose any type ofsystem. We needed a vendor that could provide a network with hugebandwidth and the end-to-end suite of solutions that could powerthe online applications we want. Avaya gives us just that with highvalue for money as well," Puan Wan Maseri added.

Alan Kam, Country Director of Avaya Malaysia said, "Thesuccessful installation of the converged 10GE network for KUKTEM isan excellent showcase of the capability Avaya has to provideend-to-end solutions as a single vendor.

"KUKTEM now has 3604 voice/network nodes and near limitlesswireless access powered by hundreds of Avaya Wireless throughoutthe 29 buildings of the KUKTEM campus. All endpoints, access pointsand gateways ride on the 10GE network that carries voice and dataon this single backbone."

At KUKTEM, Avaya Interactive Response (IR) system is integratedwith their campus management system for students, staff and publicto provide information, results and around-the-clock scheduling.When the next phase of development is completed, KUKTEM's databasewill be fully integrated with the IR to provide rapid 24x7 serviceto call-in requests.

Installed by Avaya BusinessPartner, iTANIA (M) Sdn Bhd, whoworked with Anugerah Mutiara E-Services Sdn Bhd (AMES), thecontractor who was awarded the project, the network went "live"within three months from the start of installation. The convergedsite is among the most comprehensive implementations of Avayasolutions in a single project.

"Avaya's solutions facilitate the management and administrationof the campus and this increase in efficiency was obviousespecially during heavy traffic flow. At peak periods such asstudent registrations, the system allows the administrative centre,residential colleges, security office and faculties cope with thecalls and data processing through its enlarged bandwidth capacitythat allow self service for the callers," said Puan Wan Maseri.

Avaya's IP solutions also provide the flexibility to supportKUKTEM's future expansion. With KUKTEM due to set up its firstremote campus by 2006, the university expects to extend the sameconnectivity and services found at the main campus to lecturers andstudents at the remote campus.

KUKTEM's decision to deploy a single consolidated network usingthe Avaya 10GE networking technology puts it at par, if not betterthan international technical institutions.

KUKTEM was established in 2001 specifically to provide trainingin leading edge technologies. Although funded by the government,KUKTEM's board of directors comprises leaders in the automotiveengineering and petroleum and gas industry.

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