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Swan Hill Rural City Council Deploys Avaya IP Network

  • Sirius Telecommunications implements a broad range of Avayasolutions for higher levels of communications and service

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced that SwanHill Rural City Council has implemented an Avaya IP telephonynetwork across six of its locations in Victoria to improve deliveryof services to residents.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced that Swan Hill Rural City Council has implemented anAvaya IP telephony network across six of its locations in Victoriato improve delivery of services to residents.

The Avaya IP telephony solution has replaced an aging networkenabling the Council to improve call quality, increase networkcapabilities and reduce call costs. Avaya Silver Business Partner,Sirius Telecommunications (ASX:SIU) installed and will manage thenetwork.

"Residents and ratepayers can now call one central number and beswitched through to the most appropriate Council office, ratherthan being asked to call a different number to have their inquiryanswered. This means inquiries can be handled more quickly, andratepayers will be happy about that," said David Lenton, GroupManager Corporate Services, Swan Hill Rural City Council.

"The Avaya/Sirius proposal demonstrated the capabilty we werelooking for. We are confident that this solution will provide thelevels of voice quality, reliablity and bandwidth capacity werequire," said Lenton.

Swan Hill Rural City Council is a Regional municipality with apopulation of almost 22,000. The Avaya IP network has enabledCouncil staff to be more productive, and to provide better customerservice to residents and ratepayers.

"The Avaya IP network allows caller inquiries to be directedmore efficiently, allowing staff to use their time moreeffectively," said Roy Wakim, Solutions Manager Convergence AvayaSouth Pacific.

"This solution also takes advantage of the distributedcapabilities and high levels of redundancy backup available in theAvaya system. This means that we have a highly fault tolerantsystem that keeps the system up and running. As a public body withresponsibilities in case of emergencies, this is an importantfactor for us," Lenton said.

The Avaya IP telephony solution, combined with a new microwaveradio network installed by Sirius, has led to a 15-fold increase inbandwidth capability, which will mean faster network access and theability to run more advanced applications over the network in thefuture.

"A fully converged network opens the door to lower communicationcosts and simpler network management and business-enhancingapplications that will help Swan Hill Rural City Council to notonly improve its internal processes and achieve cost savings acrossthe board, but to better serve its customers," said Graham Abbott,Chief Technical Officer of Sirius Telecommunications. "The longterm support of the system by Sirius has helped to greatly simplifynetwork management for us with the reduction of the number of PABXsand the removal of disparate equipment types."

An Avaya S8700 Media Server powered by the Avaya CommunicationManager was installed at the main site allowing management of thenetwork to be conducted from one central location.

Avaya S8300 Media Servers and Avaya G700 Media Gateways wereinstalled at the remote sites, replacing legacy PABXs. Avayatelephones were installed at all sites.

Avaya Communication Manager is an open, scalable, highlyreliable and secure telephony application. It provides user andsystem management functionality, intelligent call routing,application integration and extensibility, and EnterpriseCommunications networking.

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