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Unibanco to Increase Customer Service With Avaya Call CenterSolutions


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of communicationsnetworks and services for businesses, today announced thatUnibanco, one of the largest banks in Brazil, has installedadvanced communications systems and software from Avaya that willprovide bank customers with increased service.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider ofcommunications networks and services for businesses, todayannounced that Unibanco, one of the largest banks in Brazil, hasinstalled advanced communications systems and software from Avayathat will provide bank customers with increased service.

Avaya's call center solutions will allow Unibanco tosignificantly improve response time in its two call centers locatedin Sáo Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which receive an average volume ofup to 15,000 calls per week during peak hours. Customers callingthe bank will now experience greater efficiency in the way in whichtheir calls are handled. Avaya™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR)will provide the caller with touch-tone options so that the call isrouted quickly and more efficiently to the appropriate person.Avaya's skills-based routing software allows the customer to bedirected to the call center agent best-suited to handle theirinquiry. The Avaya IVR solution will also support future customerservice enhancements such as natural language speechrecognition.

The combined software and hardware will complement Unibanco'sexisting DEFINITY® G3R communications server, which provides thebank's backbone for voice and data communication. With Avaya'sDEFINITY® Enterprise Communications Server the bank is able toincrease its call efficiency through data and voiceintegration.

"The call center solutions based on the DEFINITY platform reduceoperating costs and increase call receiving capacity", explainsPaulo de Tarso Pacífico, sales director of Avaya Brazil. "TheDEFINITY platform also allows businesses to grow by expandinghardware and software capabilities, thus protecting the initialinvestment," he adds. The universal and flexible architecture ofthis platform permits full integration of resources into thesystem, which has a capacity of up to 4,000 trunks and 25,000extensions.

José Fernando Trita, Unibanco's IT manager, points out that "Itis important that the solutions from Avaya address our businessneeds. We expanded our main business units, 30 Hour Telephone andthe Banco 1, by improving technology and keeping it aligned withthe strategy of the corporation."

The bank has approximately 850 agents fielding calls to the 30Hour Telephone and the Banco 1 call centers. The Avaya™ CallManagement System (CMS) forms the core of the solution. The CMSplatform increases the management activity options of the currenttechnology installed and provides an analysis of call centeractivity; establishes performance markers, and even helps plan andmeasure marketing and customer service campaigns.

About Unibanco
The third largest financial institution in the country, Unibancohas consolidated assets of R$ 73.4 billion and net assets of R$ 6.2billion. It closed the third quarter with 12.9 million clients anda national network of 1,429 sales outlets — 799 agencies, 444service centers, 78 in-store agencies and 108 Fininvest stores. Formore information visit the Unibanco site:

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks formore than 1 million businesses worldwide, including 90 percent ofthe FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is aworld leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP)telephony systems and communications software applications andservices.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications withbusiness applications — and distinguished by comprehensiveworldwide services — Avaya helps customers leverage existing andnew networks to achieve superior business results. For moreinformation visit the Avaya Web site:

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