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Avaya Announces New Communications Applications that Utilize Automated Speech to Drive Business Productivity and Enhance Customer Service

  • Global Pharmaceutical Company, Healthpoint, Uses New Avaya Unified Communication Center to Increase Efficiency of Mobile Workers

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services, today announced new releases of its unified communication and contact center solutions, which deliver self-service functionalities across an organization through speech-enabled applications.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services, today announced new releases of its unified communication and contact center solutions, which deliver self-service functionalities across an organization through speech-enabled applications. Avaya Unified Communication Center - which enables users to initiate conference calls and manage e-mails, voicemails and calendars using speech - significantly extends its availability to a greater number of enterprise users. Avaya Interactive Response, an automated self-service solution for enterprises of all sizes, broadens its international reach with speech-recognition capabilities for an expanded number of languages.

The company also introduced a new set of software development tools and interfaces to develop and customize branded speech applications for Avaya Interactive Response. The new Avaya Speech Applications Builder lets developers rapidly and cost-effectively design speech automation services using open standards such as VoiceXML (VXML) - which uses Internet tools in the development of speech applications. This software development toolkit, along with Avaya's latest self-service solutions, enable companies to integrate advanced speech applications into their business processes, improving employee productivity and customer satisfaction, while introducing new operational efficiencies.

One of the companies benefiting from Avaya's speech-enabled communications is Healthpoint® Ltd., a growing global pharmaceutical company that is using the new version of Avaya Unified Communication Center to improve productivity of headquarters staff and field sales representatives. Healthpoint uses the application to let users have a single source where they can access e-mail, voicemail, calendars and other functions via speech. This greatly enhances mobility for workers in transit, who need their information rapidly and conveniently.

"Avaya's speech access capabilities are a tremendous benefit, particularly for our field sales force, giving them the ability to maximize their productivity, even if they are in an airport waiting on a flight," said Mark Shane, Healthpoint systems technician. "With this application, an executive in transit doesn't need to boot up their laptop to access e-mail, or press buttons to interact with business processes. Avaya Unified Communication Center allows them to maintain a complete connection to operations, and when you are in sales, the more connected you are - the more you sell!"

In addition to tapping the software's abilities to allow Healthpoint's workers to use a phone to check or schedule dates in an online calendar, Shane says the company's sales force benefits from the "Reach Me" capabilities of Unified Communication Center. This gives Healthpoint's sales team greater access to customers, enabling them to remain reachable through just one number that will seamlessly track down employees, wherever they may be.

Avaya Speech-Enabled Self-Service Solutions Expand for Growing, Global Organizations
Avaya Unified Communication Center and Avaya Interactive Response are core solutions within the company's award-winning portfolio of Internet protocol-based MultiVantage Communications Applications - which encompasses telephony, contact centers, messaging and unified communication.

With the introduction of Avaya Unified Communication Center 2.0, Avaya significantly increases the scalability of unified communications, supporting up to 10,000 subscribers. Expanding upon user support helps large and growing organizations meet the needs of an increasingly mobile global workforce. Other new enhancements include integration with IBM® Lotus Notes® calendar and contacts, allowing users to utilize speech with this application to access schedules and contacts (in addition to pre-existing e-mail speech access). A single, easy-to-use administrative interface enables easier management through centralized administration.

Avaya Interactive Response 1.2 adds greater international support, expanding its speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities to more than thirty languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Italian. It also operates on higher-capacity servers, providing greater port density and more processing power for self-service applications. Avaya Interactive Response lets businesses deploy automated services for both customers and employees, allowing voice automation for accessing information or making transactions via phone. Routine inquiries are handled through automated processes, freeing customer service agents to respond to higher-value interactions.

Accelerating the Development of Next-Generation Speech Applications
With the new Avaya Speech Applications Builder, businesses have all of the tools and components required to create an open standards-based environment that accelerates the cost-effective design of speech automation services. Designed for the Avaya Interactive Response platform, the Speech Applications Builder incorporates the VoiceXML standard and contains an expansive library of more than 100 pre-built functionalities (i.e. user designs, prompts, retry logic, etc.). This helps reduce the time and costs associated with the development, testing and maintenance of speech applications.

In a preliminary installation using the Avaya Speech Applications Builder, one financial services company was able to automate three services - transferring funds, checking balances and verification of identity - within half the typical deployment schedule required for development of a single application using traditional deployment methods.

"Avaya is focused on making it easier for businesses to design, deploy and benefit from communications solutions that expand efficiency and productivity in the most cost-effective way," said Eileen Rudden, vice president and general manager for Avaya's communications applications pision. "In today's fast-paced world, speech applications can help enterprises gain a competitive edge through enhanced customer service and improved organizational productivity. These solutions enable businesses to rapidly incorporate speech into the fabric of global enterprises - helping ensure high-quality access and service is delivered from any location."

Further details on the solutions described in this release are available on the Web at the following addresses:

For more information about Healthpoint, please visit:

About Avaya
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About Healthpoint
Since its inception in 1992, HEALTHPOINT has established a U.S. presence in the research, development, and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, and medical devices for tissue management, dermatology and surgical. An aggressive research and development effort has brought HEALTHPOINT's unique technologies to the market, setting the pace for its highly trained field sales organization of direct sales representatives. HEALTHPOINT, with over 290 employees, is a DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc. affiliate company. HEALTHPOINT is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Visit HEALTHPOINT's Web site at

Also headquartered in Fort Worth, DFB provides technology-driven products, outsourcing services, and licensing opportunities to the healthcare industry worldwide through its affiliate companies, contract partners, and branded marketing organizations.

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