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Avaya Communications Network to Link 30,000 Washington, D.C.Government Employees and Save Over $10 Million Annually

  • Converged communications solution for DC-Net covers 60 agencies and 360 locations, improves reliability and emergency response

The District of Columbia has selected a new converged communications solution from Avaya for a citywide voice network that will support 30,000 government employees.

The District of Columbia has selected a new convergedcommunications solution from Avaya (NYSE:AV), a leading globalprovider of business communications software, systems and services,for a citywide voice network that will support 30,000 governmentemployees. The voice network — part of the city's DC-Netinitiative — is expected to save the city more than $10million annually while improving the reliability of itscommunications services and its ability to respond to emergencies.DC-Net is a municipally owned, fiber-optic network andtelecommunications system.

When the installation is completed the network will centralizecommunications for more than 60 D.C. government agencies and 360inpidual sites. The Avaya solution will dramatically reducetelecommunications costs. In addition, previous investments thecity made in thousands of Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)telephones will be preserved since the Avaya solution supports avariety of communication protocols.

According to district managers in the Office of the ChiefTechnology Officer, the real financial driver for DC-NET is thevoice telephony network Avaya is providing, which is allowing theDistrict to replace a more costly solution and to gain highercapacity, greater functionality and flexibility. For example, thecity can use traditional TDM voice connectivity or evolve to IPtelephony when ready, while supporting phones in its currentinventory.

The DC-Net voice network is based on the industry-leading AvayaCommunication Manager IP telephony software. The software provideshundreds of features supporting collaboration, public safety andbusiness productivity, including voice mail, on-demandconferencing, malicious call trace/crisis alert. The Extension toCellular capability allows callers to reach mobile DC-Net usersanytime, anywhere using a single contact number. The software alsoprovides a converged voice and data platform for IP desktop phonesand wireless devices, as well as the Avaya IP Softphone, a softwareapplication that allows users to access advanced calling featuresfrom a laptop computer, PC or PDA. Avaya Communication Manager isSection 508 compliant, supporting TTY devices used by the peoplewho are deaf or hard of hearing and providing speech-accesscapabilities for people with visual disabilities.

The city is deploying four sets of high-reliability Avaya MediaServers that host and distribute Communication Manager to usersacross the city. The units are geographically separated and providefail-over capabilities to keep the DC-NET voice network up andrunning in the event of a disruption to a location or server. Eachserver is protected with an uninterrupted power supply, standbygenerators and a high-capacity cooling system.

To support emergency response needs and special events, the cityhas an Avaya Mobile Communication Network, a self-contained,fully-integrated system for quickly establishing a remote voice anddata network. The solution features the same communicationscapabilities used in sophisticated office settings-packaged in arugged, portable case that can be transported and deployed inminutes. The mobile network supports both wired and wireless LANcapabilities and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. As aresult, it enables secure, high-speed email and data applications,as well as messaging, conferencing and other Communication Managervoice applications.

The installation of Avaya's converged communications network forDC-NET is supported by a team of technicians from Avaya GlobalServices, a group of more than 7,000 specialists experienced in thedesign, deployment, protection, maintenance and management ofenterprise communications.

About the Office of the Chief Technology Officer
The District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer(OCTO) develops and enforces policies and standards for informationtechnology in the District government and determines the strategiesthat will make Washington, D.C., the technology pacesetter forcities in the 21st century. OCTO identifies where and howtechnology can systematically support the business processes of theDistrict's 68 agencies. Agencies can draw on OCTO's expertise toget the most out of their technological investments. OCTO alsoassesses new and emerging technologies to determine their potentialapplication to District programs and services. Finally, OCTOpromotes the compatibility of computer and communications systemsthroughout the District government.

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks formore than one million businesses worldwide, including over 90percent of the FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses largeto small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable InternetProtocol telephony systems and communications software applicationsand services.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications withbusiness applications — and distinguished bycomprehensive worldwide services — Avaya helps customersleverage existing and new networks to achieve superior businessresults. For more information visit the Avaya Web site:

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