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Avaya Delivers Market Leading Real-Time Management Solutions forEnterprise IP Telephony Networks


Avaya announced one of the first commercially available remote services that enables businesses to monitor and manage their converged Internet Protocol (IP) telephony networks without disrupting voice services for users.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE: AV), a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services, today announced one of the first commercially available remote services that enables businesses to monitor and manage their converged Internet Protocol (IP) telephony networks without disrupting voice services for users. It will be available in Europe Middle East and Africa from April 2005.

The new service (designed by Avaya Global Services - the company's worldwide services organization) provides businesses with an instant, reliable and secure way to manage their IP telephony networks.

Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony is a software-based service that proactively monitors the relationship between voice and data IP applications, as well as their shared physical network infrastructure. With this service, businesses can quickly detect and in many cases automatically resolve performance issues at their source, before they can affect network operation. Data networks are dynamic environments and there are many components that must work together for optimum performance. Maintaining the interrelationships of the components is key to ensuring the best performance of IP telephony networks.

The new Avaya system monitors converged communication networks by constantly measuring capacity, performance and other key metrics of a network. It uses techniques that are unique in the industry to analyse the root cause of problems, such as high latency - the time it takes for a packet of data to travel from the origin to its destination. Also it uses specially developed Avaya software to fix problems and learn how to identify them more quickly if they reoccur. Over an IP telephony connection, high latency can disrupt voice conversations in VoIP applications. Jitter, which is unsteady pulses of data that could dramatically degrade the sound of a voice conversation, is another common problem that the Avaya system can find and eliminate.

"The European IP Telephony services market is expanding rapidly," said Lionel Lamy, IDC's Research Manager for European Infrastructure Management Services. "As organisations purchase IP Telephony systems, they are faced with an unfamiliar set of services requirements. Network management for converged networks is very different than that of traditional networks, and we expect demand for managed services in this area to grow."

The software and the Enterprise Service Platform that comprises Avaya Remote Management Services were designed to help more businesses take advantage of IP telephony. For example, the remote managed service can assist businesses to increase mobility and productivity for employees as well as improved service for customers. Also, the remote managed service helps businesses meet the challenges that IP telephony presents to their IT organisations, who need to ensure that voice and data applications sharing the same network and using the same local area network switches, routers and servers are working properly and securely, but may need additional expertise to do so.

"IP is enabling organisations to embed communications into the heart of their businesses," said Andrew Bale, director of Avaya managed services in EMEA. "Once the decision to incorporate the benefits of IP communications into their processes is made, IT executives face a higher level of urgency in that they need to ensure that voice is always available and that quality of service is being delivered throughout the organisation. Monitoring voice and data separately does not provide a complete view of network operations. Unless you monitor the applications as well as the infrastructure, identifying issues that affect network performance is like looking for a needle in a haystack."

Notes to editors
About Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony

The Avaya Remote Managed Service provides fault performance, configuration and security management for IP telephony and converged networks. Avaya's new Secure Intelligent Gateway, a small server style computer which runs the new Avaya Remote Managed Services software, is the core of the managed services delivery Enterprise Service Platform. Innovative packaging gives customers a path, pace and choice, enabling them to supplement their own data network operations centre with Avaya voice and data monitoring, add voice management to their data networks, or outsource their entire voice/data and performance management to Avaya. The Avaya solution enables businesses to determine which components of their day-to-day operations they want to manage.

About IP telephony
IP telephony is a software-based technology that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to transmit voice - and all of the functionality of a business communications network - as data packets over a computer network in a manner similar to e-mail. Enterprises around the world are rapidly adopting this technology, which helps organisations easily and cost-effectively integrate advanced communications applications into a range of business processes.

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks for more than one million businesses worldwide, including over 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500 ®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol telephony systems and communications software applications and services.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications with business applications - and distinguished by comprehensive worldwide services - Avaya helps customers leverage existing and new networks to achieve superior business results. For more information visit the Avaya Web site:

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