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Avaya Helps Enterprises "Mobilize Now" With New IP Telephony Promotion Driving Greater Workforce Mobility


Avaya announced a new Internet protocol (IP) telephony promotion that provides an easier, faster and more cost-effective way for businesses to deploy mobility solutions across a workforce.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications applications, systems and services, today announced a new Internet protocol (IP) telephony promotion that provides an easier, faster and more cost-effective way for businesses to deploy mobility solutions across a workforce. The Avaya "Mobilize Now" promotion is a new product package that gives enterprise teleworkers and road warriors greater accessibility and communications functionality while working at home, in hotels or on the go. This provides organizations with a single solution to help drive higher levels of productivity and business continuity through enhanced enterprise mobility.


This unique mobility product package bundles Avaya's market-leading IP telephony software platform-Avaya Communication Manager-with essential tools for a mobile workforce. As part of the package, each purchase of a Communication Manager software license includes Avaya Extension to Cellular and Avaya IP Softphone at a special price. The promotion begins September 16, and is in effect initially throughout North America until December 31, 2005.


The products included in the package help telecommuters and road warriors remain in consistent contact with customers and colleagues just as if they were at their desk - through one phone number. Avaya Extension to Cellular transforms any cell phone into an office phone by bridging calls made to one's office number to a cell phone. This application also gives workers with Series 60 devices a simple interface to key Communication Manager capabilities using Avaya Mobile for Series 60 co-developed with Nokia. The IP Softphone is a software-based phone application that can be used on an Internet-connected PC or laptop, and features all of the functionality of one's office phone.


The new package enables enterprises to more easily implement advanced mobility capabilities by offering one software-based solution that keeps incremental hardware purchases to a minimum. Greater cost savings and speed of deployment are achieved through Avaya's open standards-based IP architecture, which supports enhanced mobility applications without requiring new local area network (LAN) upgrades. These mobility applications leverage public Internet or cellular networks to securely extend business communications capabilities to those working from home or on the road.


Additional savings are gained through the special pricing applied to Extension to Cellular and IP Softphone as part of this offer. Packages are tailored for multi-vendor networks of both new IP implementations or organizations migrating their existing infrastructures to IP.


"Enterprises with an increasingly mobile workforce are faced with a productivity gap, and they must get a better handle not only on the associated costs, but also on providing better communications and collaboration services," said Jeremiah Caron, research director, IT Infrastructure, Current Analysis. "Initiatives to make it easier and more cost-effective to deploy mobility solutions, such as Avaya's program, will be welcomed by businesses grappling with this issue."


The Avaya Mobility Package is part of a broad portfolio of industry-leading mobility solutions the company offers to meet the needs of road warriors (highly-mobile workers conducting business while outside of the office); teleworkers (those working from home, hotel or other fixed-location); and campus nomads (mobile employees moving within corporate offices or facilities). These solutions are powered by software applications, systems and appliances designed to deliver consistent access from any location and single business number functionality using a preferred mobile device. In addition to the applications in this package, Avaya Mobility Solutions feature other applications for enhanced mobility, including Avaya Modular Messaging and Unified Communication Center - which enables workers to utilize speech automation to manage business tools, such as e-mail, calendars, voicemail and contacts, wherever they go.


"People are becoming more mobile in all aspects of their jobs, and intelligent communications are an essential part of helping them become more productive through mobility," said Geoffrey Baird, vice president and general manager of Avaya's Communications Appliances pision. "Avaya's solutions deliver intelligent communications by connecting the right people, customers and processes, all in real-time. But for businesses to achieve higher levels of communication, mobile applications must be simple to use and beneficial to the bottom line - key areas that Avaya focuses on when it comes to making mobility work for businesses."


The package will be sold using both direct and indirect channels. Two Avaya BusinessPartners who will be offering the Avaya Mobilize Now package are Netversant Solutions, headquarted in Houston, TX, and Spenser Communications, Inc, based in Covina, CA. According to Netversant's director of sales, Virginia Harrington, Avaya's package gives them a differentiated way of delivering mobility to its customers and a simple "one-stop shop" mobility solution. Spenser Communications' director of client services, Bob Kent, says that as a whole, Avaya's mobility package delivers a "killer app" that provides customers with what they want - instant access and fast responses back to calls.


"Avaya's new package combines the best mobility tools in the marketplace," said Spenser Communications' Bob Kent, "So bringing them all together enables us to offer clients a way to massively adopt mobile solutions that improve customer satisfaction, and do so in the easiest, most affordable way."


HouseValues, Inc. Extends Enhanced Mobility Capabilities to its Executives

A company currently using Avaya's mobility solutions is HouseValues, Inc., a Kirkland, WA-based company that serves as a marketing partner for real estate and mortgage professionals. The company uses Avaya Extension to Cellular to give executives a simple way to remain continuously linked to business communications, wherever they go.


"Avaya Extension to Cellular bridges the gap between our executives' desktop office phones and their cell phones, making it easier to reach the right people, at any time," said Chris Morris, telecom systems engineer, HouseValues, Inc. "It is extremely important for mobile users to be linked to their business communications when they telecommute or work away from their desks, especially when important vendor calls or critical, time-sensitive issues arise."


Morris believes the Avaya Mobilize Now package is ideal for today's businesses, adding: "This package gives businesses a simplified way to increase productivity through mobility, while saving both time and money. Anything that makes it is easer to implement and use mobility applications is a major benefit to businesses."


For more information on this package or other Avaya mobility solutions, please visit Certain restrictions apply. Avaya may discontinue this promotion at any time without further notice.


About Avaya

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