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Avaya Helps Software Developers Speed Innovative Contact CenterSolutions to Market


Leading contact center software developers are helping businessesenhance customer service and agent productivity with new andinnovative capabilities that extend and enhance the next-generationCustomer Interaction Suite announced today by Avaya.Leading contact center software developers are helping businesses enhance customer service and agent productivity with new and innovative capabilities that extend and enhance the next-generation Customer Interaction Suite announced today by Avaya (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications applications, systems and services. These capabilities use Avaya's open and interoperable application programming interfaces (APIs) to enhance the suite with additional, next-generation functions that deliver greater personalization, improve agent analysis, simplify call recording and add other capabilities that cost-effectively improve customer experiences.

The Avaya Customer Interaction Suite is an industry-leading family of communications applications used by companies around the globe to manage inbound and outbound communications, implement new customer self-service tools and measure the effectiveness of contact center operations.

The next generation of the suite announced today by Avaya provides further opportunities for partner companies to leverage Avaya's recently announced Application Enablement Services, which are part of the Avaya Converged Communications Server platform. This enhanced set of APIs and protocols opens the functionality of Avaya communication solutions to corporate application developers, independent software vendors, service providers and systems integrators. As a result, it is far easier for them to create software and systems that integrate with and extend Avaya's award-winning contact center capabilities¹ to help companies better manage their contact center resources.

For example, Avaya's next-generation Application Enablement Services supports new Web services and XML-based interfaces such as the Communication Manager API (CMAPI)-as well as TSAPI, JTAPI and other interfaces used in traditional telephony-integrating and managing them together on an open, Linux-based server. The services incorporate new link encryption, redundant links with transparent failover for enhanced survivability, and load-balancing capabilities that increase capacity and reliability.

Among the companies writing applications to help businesses extend the value of their Avaya contact center solutions are:

  • Austin Logistics, with software that enhances Avaya's Proactive Contact, Interactive Response and Call Center solutions. The company's Valeo™ predictive analytic application helps businesses add real-time predictive intelligence and value-driven queuing to their Avaya call routing systems. Doing so helps to drive greater agent revenue and reduce contact center expenses.
  • etalk, with Avaya-compliant software tools that help global, multisite operations consistently deliver outstanding customer service. The company's Qfiniti enterprise platform offers businesses a unified, centrally managed and scalable infrastructure for recording, evaluating and enhancing customer interactions, and its real-time speech analytics and customer survey tools help improve service performance both at the agent level and throughout the entire organization.
  • LiteScape Technologies, with a Multimodal Application Platform that allows businesses to add new broadcast and collaboration capabilities to their Avaya contact center solution. By extending interactive voice, text and image capabilities to telephones and other IP devices, LiteScape improves agent productivity and the customer experience.
  • NICE Systems, with new highly scalable, software-only recording, quality monitoring and analytics solutions for single and distributed sites. NICE Systems applications include multidimensional interaction analysis capabilities, such as audio analysis, word spotting, emotion detection and events screening, as well as personalized dashboards for agents, supervisors and managers that enable more productive and consistent customer interactions.
  • Onyx, with an Avaya-compatible, Web-based Customer Management solution that provides businesses a unified view of their interactions with customers across the breadth of their enterprise - from sales and marketing to service. Businesses are able to improve customer experiences and achieve higher levels of performance throughout their contact center organization.
  • Queplix, with a Web-based customer service solution for industries that sell technically complex products and services. It is feature-rich in core customer service areas, including e-service, service call centers and partner relationship management. When implemented with the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite, Queplix QueWeb typically provides a 50 to 60% savings in costs and time and helps companies gain and retain customers while protecting their brand.
  • RightNow, with Avaya-compliant software that offers an integrated, 360-degree view of a company's customers. RightNow CRM automates critical business processes and provides actionable insight into interactions so a company can build revenue, productivity and customer loyalty.
  • SimpliCTI, with a SimpliView Reporting application that enhances Avaya Contact Center Express, a multimedia contact center solution for mid-market companies. SimpliCTI's browser-based interface provides easy-to-use reporting based on contact record details stored in the Avaya Contact Center Express database. Managers can search for a specific record or range of records across multiple communication channels - voice, e-mail, outbound and chat.
  • Verint Systems, with highly scalable, actionable intelligence software solutions that enhance agent development, contact center performance and enterprise decision making. When integrated with any of Avaya's IP and TDM communications platforms, Verint's unique root-cause analytics understands the content of contact center calls and helps enterprises identify, understand and resolve issues that impact the effectiveness of their customer-focused operations.
  • Witness Systems, with highly scalable, IP-based call recording and quality monitoring applications that are out-of-the-box integrated to Avaya Communication Manager. Along with workforce management, this enables single to multisite distributed enterprises to drive revenue, reduce operational costs, and achieve greater customer loyalty and retention.

"By integrating with Avaya's open, standards-based applications, our company is able to provide Avaya customers a comprehensive software-only solution for recording, quality management and analytics," said Eran Gorev, president and CEO of NICE Systems Inc. "This future-proof architecture provides investment protection for businesses and reduces their overall total cost of ownership. The scalability of Avaya's Application Enablement Services lets us offer a variety of options, from cost-effective platforms for quality management of mid-sized contact centers, to failure-proof solutions for liability recording in environments with thousands of seats."

Companies developing standards-based, value-added applications for the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite are able to leverage the resources of the Avaya DeveloperConnection program, an initiative to promote the development, compliance testing and co-marketing of innovative third-party applications that interoperate with Avaya and are sold through Avaya and its channel partners. To date there are more than 1,000 members of the program worldwide and more than 260 solutions compliance-tested for interoperability with Avaya software and systems. As a result, Avaya is able to partner with a wide range of companies to deliver solutions that extend the value of business communications networks.

"With the support of its development partners around the globe, Avaya is taking contact centers to the next level," said Eileen Rudden, vice president of enterprise communications applications, Avaya. "Ultimately our commitment to open standards is making it easier for businesses to extend the value of their communications investment by moving to intelligent communications - seamlessly linking communications applications with business applications so customers can connect with the right person, at the right time, by the right medium over any network."

A DeveloperConnection backgrounder is available in PDF format.

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Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks for more than one million businesses worldwide, including over 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol telephony systems and communications software applications and services.

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¹ Frost & Sullivan Award for Contact Center Choice in North America, November 2004.

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