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Hospitality Firms in U.S. and Italy Choose Avaya IP Telephony toDeliver World-Class Customer Service


Companies in the highly competitive hospitality industry knowreputations are won and lost based on how well they treat theircustomers.Companies in the highly competitive hospitality industry know reputations are won and lost based on how well they treat their customers. Among the firms who have turned to technology to deliver world-class service that can set them apart from the pack are Hotel Du Lac e du Parc, a prestigious four-star resort on Lake Garda in Italy, and Frontera Grill, Topolobampo and Frontera Foods - Chicago companies owned by renowned restaurateur Rick Bayless.

Each uses an IP Office solution from Avaya (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications applications, services and systems. Designed specifically to meet the needs of small- to mid-sized companies, IP Office is a high-performance voice and data server with flexible features that can be easily tailored to deliver a branded customer experience.

Integrating telephony and customer data for a personal touch
When the prestigious Hotel du Lac e du Parc underwent a recent renovation, an upgrade of the resort's phone system was high on the list. The company selected IP Office to power the switchboard serving the hotel and its 300 guest rooms. Giani, an authorized Avaya BusinessPartner, integrated the Avaya system with a hospitality database used to store the hotel's customer records. Now when a former guest calls, IP Office can match the incoming caller ID with the resort's database and pop information about the caller onto the operator's computer screen - from the room where they last stayed to their address and personal preferences.

This quick and easy access to guest records can help hotel employees personalize their response to callers and deliver the kind of service that builds the hotel's exclusive reputation. In addition, an auto-attendant with multilingual options allows the resort to serve a global clientele.

"We wanted a new PBX system that offered IP functionality, and Avaya was the most qualified to provide it," said Paolo Zontini, head of Information Systems for the Hotel du Lac et du Parc. "IP Office has allowed us to greatly improve the quality of service offered to our clients."

Efficiently serving customers of three unique businesses
World-famous Chicago chef and cookbook author Rick Bayless presides over a cooking empire that includes two critically acclaimed restaurants and a wholesale and retail food company. Frontera Grill and Topolobampo are recognized globally for serving cutting-edge cuisine, while Frontera Foods offers the chef's many fans a way to order his special sauces and ingredients, cookbooks and videos.

Previously the Bayless organization supported its businesses with distinct phone systems that required multiple phone lines to connect to the public network. With a new IP Office, the company now is able to consolidate communications and support its restaurants and food business through a single phone system. Doing so has allowed the organization to improve customer service, simplify administration and reduce costs by eliminating a significant number of lines.

"We've cut our equipment costs in half and cut the usage fees we pay to our local phone company by 30%," said Floyd Groen, controller and business manager for the Rick Bayless organization.

Before implementing the new Avaya system, when calls to the popular organization would "come in droves," frustrated customers would often hang up as the phone rang repeatedly without their call being answered. Now, the Bayless organization has a dedicated circuit to handle communications for its businesses, with a multilevel auto-attendant receiving calls and routing them to the appropriate organization. If a hostess or salesperson is unable to take the call, customers can choose to either leave a message or to be placed into a calling queue, where they hear messages promoting the company's restaurants and food products while they wait. After-hours messages are tailored for each business and are easy to change as conditions warrant.

IP Office also has simplified maintenance for the Bayless organization. Avaya BusinessPartner Liberty Communications, who designed and and installed the Avaya IP Office solution for the Bayless organization, is able to dial into the system remotely and take care of any moves, adds or changes in a matter of minutes.

About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks for more than one million businesses worldwide, including over 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol telephony systems and communications software applications and services.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications with business applications - and distinguished by comprehensive worldwide services - Avaya helps customers leverage existing and new networks to achieve superior business results. For more information visit the Avaya Web site:

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