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New Version of Avaya Communication Manager Software Raises IPTelephony to the Next Level


Avaya announced the next generation of its Internet Protocol (IP) telephony software and applications to help businesses intelligently connect people and processes over global networks in a 24/7 world.

Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications applications, services and systems, today announced the next generation of its Internet Protocol (IP) telephony software and applications to help businesses intelligently connect people and processes over global networks in a 24/7 world. The new products deliver IP communications with advanced levels of survivability, reliability and collaboration. This lets people remain productive from any location and allows business processes to continue functioning under the most challenging conditions.

The new products include the next generation of Avaya's industry-leading IP telephony software, Avaya Communication Manager 3.0, a core part of the company's suite of MultiVantage Communications Applications. In addition to new capabilities, this software provides support for open Web Services-based applications development to let developers easily create the next generation of business communications applications. This is achieved by a new version of the Avaya Converged Communications Server, a software solution that delivers the application protocol interfaces (API) of Avaya's new IP telephony software and the advanced functionality of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which supports real-time collaboration and presence.

Avaya software, systems and services target the issues that information technology (IT) executives face in deploying IP applications across existing, multi-vendor networks. Today's enhancements increase business continuity across work locations of any size and in any location. The quality of voice conversations held via IP is significantly improved and protected from "brown-outs" - which are disruptions of quality in a network. Newly available, highly interoperable SIP solutions can speed decision-making, while allowing greater control over pervasive communications.

"For businesses to derive the true value of their networks, they require IP-based business communications applications that are highly survivable, reliable, open and interoperable," said Don Peterson, chairman and CEO, Avaya. "Avaya has the full breadth of IP telephony solutions that deliver the intelligent communications organizations need today, coupled with a clear roadmap for tomorrow."

New Avaya Products Take IP Telephony to the Next Level
The new version of Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software significantly increases availability across an organization. Availability is the continuous, reliable and secure operation of mission-critical applications.

The software includes an array of choices for network survivability. For enterprise-wide survivability, businesses can now add an Enterprise Survivable Server in their network so that, in the event of a headquarters failure, communications continues throughout an organization with full feature functionality. At inpidual branches, Communication Manager delivers new business continuity features including call preservation when control transfers from a primary server to a local survivable processor, as well as simplified administration capabilities that allow every gateway on a network to automatically fall back to a primary server when it is back online, without manual intervention. Additionally, for IP calls transmitted between gateways, new Inter Gateway Alternate Routing enhancements solve over-crowding issues by providing alternate PSTN routes for calls on congested IP networks.

New Avaya Application Assurance Networking solutions include network optimization software that helps businesses deliver more reliable, higher quality IP voice communications, video streaming and business processes (i.e. supply chain, customer relationship management). The new software, called the Converged Network Analyzer, improves communications over multi-vendor wide area networks (WAN), and helps avoid network brown-outs, that is, disruptions in IP communications. This is achieved by automatically identifying problems and choosing the best route for optimized IP performance, allowing quality issues to be solved before they reach employees. This includes a unique assessment model to inform IT administrators of quality issues through an easy-to-read ratings scale.

Collaboration is enhanced through Avaya's new SIP applications and phones, which let businesses deliver next-generation communications with the ease and speed enabled by industry-leading interoperability. Avaya's SIP solutions connect with multiple vendor's phones and systems, reducing the need to use specialized hardware to support SIP. New applications include a SIP-compatible conferencing application that supports up to 300 attendees, and a SIP Softphone, a virtual PC-based phone that merges voice with enterprise-wide presence and instant messaging. The SIP Softphone introduces 'drag-and-drop' conferencing to let users drag directory names into a conferencing window, as well as dialing via e-mail address.

This is all supported with new integrated management applications that let IT administrators easily deploy and oversee communications in distributed environments. New security management features let administrators authenticate users and authorize access to a network of gateways from a centralized console. Additionally, bulk provisioning and installation capabilities let enterprises deploy communications to branch offices with greater speed, less error and reduced need for on-site labor.

"We are seeing a shift in value creation in the networking arena, driven by advanced business communications applications that are deployed above the transport layer," said Jim Metzler, vice president, Ashton, Metzler & Associates. "Avaya is uniquely positioned to lead this transition, with new products that once again redefine the expectations associated with IP telephony. By delivering new levels of availability, open interoperability and collaboration in converged communications, Avaya raises the bar on IP, and the applications that power this technology."

University of Washington, Meijer Retail Stores Use Avaya IP To Optimize Distributed Networks
Two customers that are using new Avaya IP telephony solutions are the University of Washington, based in Seattle, WA., and Meijer, a full service retailer headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, with 160 super stores throughout the Midwest.

The University of Washington chose Avaya's next-generation solutions to allow its staff and faculty, dispersed across three campuses, two medical centers, and a police department, to remain easily accessible and productive wherever they are. Avaya's multi-party IP conferencing, for instance, delivers an easy, cost-effective way for remote and mobile employees to hold teleconferences and speed decision-making. The university's IT staff holds contingency calls and vice presidents convene meetings using Avaya's IP conferencing.

"We operate like a small city, and the university counts on our IT department to ensure 24/7 communications," said Scott Mah, assistant vice president for IT infrastructure. "Avaya's new IP solutions provide a foundation that exceeds any type of reliability and survivability, and ensures we have the highly-available operations we need today, with the ability to scale as we grow."

Another customer who is an early adopter of the new version of Avaya Communication Manager is Meijer, who is using it to deliver centralized telephony services to many store locations from its central headquarters. The company estimates that the cost of telephony services have been reduced by 30 percent per location.

The retailer is also using Secure Access and Control from Avaya Global Services to provide network security across more than one hundred of its locations. Secure Access and Control enables remote servicing of communications that encompass a customer's network by protecting against unauthorized access to a customer's computing systems and by greatly enhancing security associated with remote access.

Avaya's new IP telephony solutions are backed by new converged products that power the Avaya suite of MultiVantage Communications Applications. They are:


  • Avaya Communication Manager 3.0 - The new version of Avaya's flagship IP telephony software with new features including Enterprise Server Survivability and local survivable processing options.
  • Avaya Converged Communications Server 3.0 - An enhanced set of applications providing SIP functionality for Avaya Communication Manager, including a new Personal Profile Manager, and new Application Enablement Services that include the new Communication Manager API.
  • Avaya Application Assurance Networking - A new solutions suite that focuses on optimizing applications over any network. This includes new Converged Network Analyzer software, the first in a series of products from this suite.
  • Avaya Meeting Exchange: Standard Edition (formerly "Meet Me Conferencing") - Avaya's new SIP-compatible conferencing application supports up to 300 attendees.
  • Avaya Integrated Management 3.0 - The new version of the company's management software with new provisioning and centralized security management tools.
  • Avaya SIP Softphone R2 - A virtual PC-based phone that merges voice with enterprise-wide presence and instant messaging.
  • SIP firmware for the Avaya 4610SW, 4620SW and 4621SW IP Telephones.

For more information on new Avaya products, including a University of Washington backgrounder and an Avaya Communication Manager 3.0 Photo Gallery, please visit: Avaya solutions will be on display at Avaya Booth #639 at the Networld + Interop 2005 event being held in Las Vegas from May 2 through May 5.

NOTE: Avaya will host a global industry analyst and media teleconference call, Q&A session and Webcast to discuss this announcement at 11 am EDT (8 am PDT) on Monday, May 2, 2005. To ensure you are on the call from the start, we suggest you access the call 10-15 minutes early by dialing:

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