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Small and Medium Businesses Rank Mobility Applications As TopPriority in Keeping their Companies Running Smoothly


According to recent research by AMI-Partners, an industry analystfirm specializing in technology trends in the global small andmedium business market, mobility applications are of paramountimportance to smaller firms, helping them access informationwherever their business takes them and making them more accessibleto both customers and colleagues.According to recent research by AMI-Partners (www.ami-partners), an industry analyst firm specializing in technology trends in the global small and medium business market, mobility applications are of paramount importance to smaller firms, helping them access information wherever their business takes them and making them more accessible to both customers and colleagues.

The research was commissioned by Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV), a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services. AMI surveyed 300 small and medium businesses in North America in several vertical markets, including accounting, automotive, healthcare, legal, import/export and real estate.

When asked to rank the communication features most important to them, a central theme emerged among small and medium business respondents: the ability to retrieve information and to communicate with customers and employees - at any time and from anywhere - using any available device, whether it's a mobile phone or a laptop computer.

The Eye Center Group, which offers comprehensive eye care services at 10 facilities throughout Indiana and Ohio, is using Avaya IP telephony to enable its physicians, IT personnel and other mobile employees to forward their incoming office calls to their cell phones so they're never out of touch.

"To remain competitive and increase productivity, owners of small and medium companies - no matter what type of business they are running - must ensure that they and their employees do not exist in isolated islands, whether on the road, working at home, on a sales call, or checking inventory in the store room," said Pat Hume, Avaya group vice president, small and medium business solutions. "Just like large enterprises, which have traditionally led the way in mobile and remote accessibility, small and medium firms want to be wirelessly connected and 'enterprise-enabled' in order to stay in touch with their customers and employees. Avaya is able to integrate these sophisticated, practical applications into affordable solutions that smaller companies can embed into their business operations."

Key mobility features that rank high with small and medium firms surveyed by AMI are remote information retrieval, the ability to "listen" to email, PC-phone access from anywhere, and "reach me/page me" capabilities that make it easier to be reached when on the move.

"Our staff was struggling to keep in touch from multiple locations," said Scott Clark, manager of Information Services, The Eye Center. "Today, we can keep in touch much more easily and can better serve our clients as a result."

The increased mobility at The Eye Center is made possible by Avaya IP Office, a converged voice and data system which was designed especially for small and medium businesses and is being embedded into the networks of many types of firms throughout North America, including, a San Francisco-based Internet and catalog company.

"I absolutely must be mobile to run my business effectively and at the same time ensure our callers receive our brand of 'extreme customer service,'" said Mike Faith, CEO of "They are the lifeblood of our company, and using my laptop, I can tap into our contact center operations and see in real-time that calls are reaching live operators, and in a timely way. It's like I'm in the office." Even working at home, Faith can optimize the handling of customer calls by using IP Office. Since adopting this strategy,'s revenue has quadrupled, and bonuses for its representatives have risen.

Avaya offers a number of mobility solutions to respond to the mobility needs of any kind of small and medium business. Among the solutions are are:

  • IP Softphone: The Avaya Softphone enables users to have all their desk phone functions right on their PC or laptop, and enables them to work from anywhere. Simple "point and click" functions on a graphic of a telephone deskset let telecommuters and "road warriors" seamlessly connect to their customers and organization.
  • Single Number Access: Avaya solutions for small and medium businesses enable employees to have a single reach number. That means users can choose to have their incoming calls follow them, even to a cell phone, so calls always get through. Avaya also enables employees at small and medium business to have their email read to them, over the phone.
  • In-Building Wireless: Avaya in-building wireless solutions deliver the freedom of mobility to retail stores, automobile dealerships and other settings where it is important for employees to remain in touch while on the move.
  • Call Routing: Avaya IP telephony solutions allow small and medium firms to handle customer calls 24/7, quickly routing them to the appropriate person regardless of where they are in the business they are located - whether they are at their desk or on the move, or in another building, and enables small and medium enterprises to network messages and share them across several locations.

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