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Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Scores High Tech Goal with Avaya’s Intelligent Communications Solutions

  • FAS sets regional benchmark with S$1million combined Avaya and Jebsen & Jessen solutions that will boost operations and communications management

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) will install a cutting edge communications system from Avaya that will make it the communications poster boy for football associations in the region.

SINGAPORE – Still excited about the World Cup? Can’t get enough of football?  Well, the local football scene is heating up. The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) will install a cutting edge communications system from Avaya Inc. (NYSE: AV) that will make it the communications poster boy for football associations in the region.


Avaya is a leading global provider of business communications applications, systems and services and the Official Convergence Communication provider for the FIFA World Cup 2006™.


Avaya and its Business Partner, Jebsen & Jessen Communications – one of the premium partners of Avaya to offer business enterprises a unified service level agreement and support structure – will equip FAS with a state-of-the-art converged communications system in a phased approach that will benefit the organization as well as fans and the media. 


The system, while on a smaller scale, is similar to the implementation at the FIFA World Cup in Germany that had 519,385 connections to the Avaya network, and benefited 15,000 media from around the world.  FAS’ new seamless converged communication systems, will make information such as match history, training schedules, players and coach developments from sponsor and player / coaches / clubs / official / match and stadium databases available to the media with just a simple click of a button. The Wireless gateway and access points provided by Meru Networks wireless technology will also allow Press personnel reporting on local football matches easy access to the Internet.


A fans database system will be also implemented to enable the FAS to disseminate relevant information and match news to its fans promptly.  With this new database, the FAS can better understand the demographics of its fans and devise marketing campaigns in sync with the fans’ profile to enhance their football experience.


Furthermore, this next generation IP Communications Systems provided by Avaya will help the FAS achieve its goal to develop local football. 

To be deployed in phases at the FAS’ headquarters at Jalan Besar Stadium, the converged Internet Protocol (IP) network will enable substantial cost savings for the FAS by combining voice and data communications systems and support. Using Avaya IP telephony, the FAS staff can stay connected with cost-effective conference calls, an efficient call center and comprehensive 24/7 communications to enable them to better manage and track their resources.


"We are very excited with the strategic collaboration with Avaya and Jebsen & Jessen Communications. In this dynamic phase of football in Singapore, this initiative will not only benefit the local football scene, but also set the benchmark for future initiatives of a similar nature in the region to bring ASEAN football to the next level," said Winston Lee, the S.League CEO.


“We appreciate the support of key companies in the business community like Avaya and Jebsen & Jessen Communications. Avaya has shown its commitment to football around the world. With its leading technology and history in supporting the game, it is an ideal strategic partner for us as we look to bring Singapore football to a higher plane."


"Avaya has developed a strong bond with football as part of the FIFA World Cup and today, we are delighted with the opportunity to provide industry-leading solutions, trusted by more than a million customers around the world, to the local community through this relationship with the FAS," said Tom Cheong, Regional Managing Director, Avaya - ASEAN region.  "We look forward to working with the FAS to help them develop and advance football in Singapore."


"As a regional business partner of Avaya, we have experienced how Avaya solutions can benefit corporations in multiple industries, and we are confident that FAS will find similar success with IP communications solutions in this partnership. Football and fans are going to be the ultimate winners," said Harold Thng, Regional Managing Director of Jebsen & Jessen Communications.



About The Football Association of Singapore

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is in charge of developing and advancing one of the world’s most popular sports – football – at all levels. Besides providing a structure for the game to flourish and governing the running of football in Singapore, the FAS also ensures that the Laws of the Game are adhered to from the professional S.League to amateur leagues. The FAS are also charged with organizing and running league and cup competitions, stewarding international teams, establishing a youth development, refereeing and coaching frameworks.  For more information visit the FAS website:


About Jebsen & Jessen Communications

Jebsen & Jessen Communications is a leading converged IP solutions provider in the region for end-to-end communications solutions including IP telephony products and CRM contact centres. Partnering world-class technology organisations, Jebsen & Jessen Communications helps enterprises achieve their communication goals, building on service excellence as the cornerstone of its success since its establishment in 1988. For more information visit the Jebsen & Jessen Communications website:


About Avaya
Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks for more than 1 million businesses worldwide, including over 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems and communications software applications and services.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications with business applications - and distinguished by comprehensive worldwide services - Avaya helps customers leverage existing and new networks to achieve superior business results.  For more information visit the Avaya website:

About the FIFA World Cup and Avaya

As the Official Convergence Communication provider for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™, Avaya is providing a champion communications network infrastructure for the World’s largest sporting event. The converged network – that combines voice and data on the same infrastructure – will connect the 12 FIFA World Cup stadiums, the media centers in all stadiums and the FIFA headquarters in Berlin.  Players, coaches, volunteers and fans alike will benefit from the Avaya network that will be instrumental in player and journalist accreditation, results reporting, material tracking, accommodation confirmations, transportation, and ticketing, among other critical functions. With an estimated 45,000 network connections, 30,000 network devices and over 15 terabytes (or 15,000,000,000 bytes) of data, it is the largest converged communication network ever built for a sporting event.


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Appendix A


With the Avaya network in place, FAS will enjoy the following:


A productivity tool, the sponsored Wireless technology will allow the media who are down at the stadiums for “live” matches to file match reports without the constraints of a fixed access point.  This Wireless technology will also allow the FAS to grow as staff will be able to trawl the internet and use their email anywhere in the stadium, not just at their desk.


The Enterprise Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Solution available on mobile devices operating on Symbian operating system, enables mobile workers to access the features and functions of office desk phones through an easy-to-use on-screen interface.  Mobile workers can then be reached at a single business phone number regardless of their work location, thus allowing people to be easily reached and dramatically enhancing their productivity.


Fans and Sponsor Database Management System
Jebsen & Jessen will implement a state-of-the-art fans database management system where the FAS can easily distribute relevant information and news promptly to their fans via emails, voice or sms.   Fans on the other hand will have easier access to match schedules, line-ups, results and upcoming events.  This fans database will also allow FAS to better understand the demographics of its fans and better promote football in Singapore by providing relevant information to their fans.
The sponsor database also allows FAS to send out latest news, upcoming events and sponsorship invites to its sponsors via email/phone call at a fraction of the time it used to take previously.


Player/Coaches/Clubs/Officials/Referees/Volunteers/Match/Stadium Database Management System
On a similar track as the fans and sponsors database, Jebsen & Jessen will set up this system that allows the FAS to keep track of its key resources and:

  • Retrieve match history easily
  • Broadcast info/news to players (e.g. training reschedule)
  • Broadcast info/news to officials and coaches
  • Track players/coaches/officials development


This database system will also be available to respective FAS personnel to update relevant information (e.g. clubs to update its on players database, FAS to update match statistic, etc)


With the 6 Parties Meet-me Conference, FAS staff at different locations and their partners can conduct impromptu conference calls.  A dedicated bridge number will be given to all users and participants can dial-in from either a fixed line or their mobile phones at their own convenient without subscribing to 3rd Party costly conference services.  For example, a supervisor can decide to set up a conference call to his/her subordinates at any time, even if the subordinate is on the move.  This is a flexible and cost-effective way to keep everyone working together.


Call Center
As the market leader in call contact center, Avaya will provide the FAS the opportunity to implement a centralized call center.  Agents will now be able to operate remotely and need not be seated in the office to effectively handle enquiries from fans, sponsors and media.   This will surely benefit the FAS as no such solutions are available to them right now.


With the call center in place, another cost-saving and secure feature, FAS staff on frequent travels can download the Virtual Private Network infrastructure onto their laptops and launch their softphone from a remote location.  They will be able to make local calls from overseas without incurring IDD charges and at the same time allow them to receive calls at their extension even when they’re out of the country.

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