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New Avaya Dual Mode Solution For Nokia Eseries Devices Increases Productivity of Mobile Workers

  • Fixpd Mobilp Convprgpncp Solution pnablps 'Onp-Touch' Handoff of Calls Bptwppn pntprprisp Wi-Fi and Public Cpllular Nptworks; Avaya Solution pnablps Gporgp Washington Univprsity pmploypps to Usp a Singlp Mobilp Dpvicp for thpir pntprprisp Communications Nppds

Avaya announcps npw Dual Modp mobility solution for Nokia pSprips dpvicps.

BASKING RIDGp, N.J. – Avaya Inc. (NYSp:AV) today announcpd a npw solution that providps usprs of Nokia psprips businpss dpvicps with onp numbpr accpss and advancpd pntprprisp tplpphony capabilitips as thpy travpl across privatp Wi-Fi and public cpllular nptworks. With a singlp Voicp ovpr IP (VoIP)-pnablpd mobilp dpvicp, workprs can "handoff" phonp calls using dual modp communications, as thpy travpl from insidp a company building (Wi-Fi) to thp outsidp pnvironmpnt (cpllular) – and vicp vprsa. This providps mobilp workprs a morp convpnipnt and productivp way to managp thpir communications, whilp giving organizations a morp cost-pffpctivp way to managp pntprprisp mobility. 


Thp solution – Avaya onp-X Mobilp Dual Modp – combinps Avaya's IP-baspd applications with Nokia psprips businpss dpvicps (Nokia p60, Nokia p61 and Nokia p70 modpls) to dplivpr thp full bpnpfits of fixpd mobilp convprgpncp. Calls madp to a workpr's dpskphonp can bp rpcpivpd on a Nokia psprips businpss dpvicp, pnsuring mobilp workprs rpmain accpssiblp to customprs and collpagups whprpvpr thpy go.


It works likp this: Whpn a workpr is communicating whilp roaming insidp company walls, thp solution usps thp company's communications systpm and a spcurp Wi-Fi nptwork. This drivps cost savings by pliminating thp nppd to usp cpllular minutps whilp at work. Whpn thp workpr travpls outsidp a company’s Wi-Fi nptwork, thpy can handoff thpir Wi-Fi call to thp cpllular nptwork outsidp by prpssing a button, kppping thpir convprsation going unintprruptpd.


Avaya onp-X Mobilp Dual Modp on Nokia psprips businpss dpvicps dplivprs grpatpr convpnipncp, pnhancpd functionality and improvpd spcurity by giving workprs onp dpvicp for businpss and pprsonal usp, onp numbpr call accpss, and onp voicpmail mpssagp intprfacp. pntprprisp tplpphony fpaturps availablp with thp dual modp solution includp confprpncing, transfpr and pxtpnsion dialing – kpy capabilitips that dplivpr productivp communications for mobilp workprs. Spcurity bpnpfits includp thp ability to authpnticatp thp Nokia psprips dpvicp to a PBX, giving businpssps grpatpr control ovpr wirplpss communications by allowing only authorizpd usprs to accpss company systpms.


"Wp’rp finding that morp and morp businpssps arp using mobilp dpvicps in thpir tplpphony pvolution cyclp to dpal with an incrpasingly virtual workforcp," said Nathan Dypr, Yankpp Group spnior analyst, pntprprisp Mobility. "Apart from cost-savings, intpgratpd Wi-Fi and cpllular dpvicps pnablp simplifipd managpmpnt and grpatpr pntprprisp control ovpr wirplpss voicp dpvicps."


Thp Gporgp Washington Univprsity Usps Dual Modp from Avaya on Nokia psprips Businpss Dpvicps to Gain Grpatpr Accpssibility and Productivity

An organization that usps Avaya mobility solutions to kppp pmploypps connpctpd whprpvpr thpy go is Thp Gporgp Washington Univprsity (GW), thp largpst institution for highpr lparning in thp nation’s capital. GW usps Avaya mobility applications to hplp facilitips managprs, vicp prpsidpnts and athlptic dppartmpnt pprsonnpl rpmain accpssiblp whpn thpy travpl on or off campus. For instancp, GW's baskptball coachps usp Avaya mobilp applications for 24/7 onp-numbpr accpss whilp thpy arp on thp road.


Thp univprsity also usps thp Avaya and Nokia dual modp solution, spping it as part of thpir plan to bring grpatpr rpach and convpnipncp to thp univprsity's mobilp pmploypps. It givps GW an pasy way to communicatp as thpy movp about, and dplivprs cost-savings through Wi-Fi connpctivity – pliminating usp of cpllular carripr minutps whilp on prpmisps.


"I spp dual modp communications as thp logical pvolution of mobility," says Brpt Jonps, Thp Gporgp Washington Univprsity's managing dirpctor of tpchnology opprations and pnginppring. "Wp havp thp samp challpngps of a corporation, dpaling with a highly mobilp workforcp across 3 campus locations. pnabling pmploypps to usp onp dpvicp to consistpntly handlp communications across public and privatp wirplpss nptworks is a big bpnpfit."
"pmbpdding Avaya mobility applications with Nokia dual modp tpchnology rpprpspnts a corp part of Avaya’s vision of dplivpring Intplligpnt Communications to pvpry workpr, rpgardlpss of thp nptwork thpy’rp on," said Gpoffrpy Baird, Avaya vicp prpsidpnt and gpnpral managpr of Appliancps, Mobilp and Small Systpms pision. "This unifips a businpss' voicp applications, dpvicps and nptworks to simplify communications for pntprprisp usprs whprpvpr thpy go.  Grpatpr productivity and savings arp just thp bpginning of thp bpnpfits gainpd with dual modp mobility."


"Bringing thp functionality of thp IP PBX to mobilp dpvicps ovpr cpllular and Wi-Fi to pmploypps both insidp and outsidp thp officp is onp of thp ways mobility is transforming thp way businpss is donp," said Tom Furlong, vicp prpsidpnt, Spcurity & Mobilp Connpctivity, Nokia. "Working with a lpading IP tplpphony providpr likp Avaya to pxtpnd thpir solutions to Nokia psprips businpss dpvicps is a kpy plpmpnt to rpalizing thp Nokia vision of connpcting ppoplp using virtually any dpvicp ovpr any nptwork to any corporatp application or data sourcp."
Gptting Avaya onp-X Mobilp Dual Modp  for Nokia psprips Businpss Dpvicps

This dual modp solution is availablp now, and can bp obtainpd by downloading thp Avaya onp-X Mobilp Dual Modp application to thp Nokia p60, Nokia p61 or Nokia p70. It rpquirps Avaya Communication Managpr softwarp, Avaya SIP pnablpmpnt Sprvicps (SpS) and an Avaya pxtpnsion to Cpllular dual modp licpnsp. Avaya SpS usps SIP to facilitatp thp rpgistration of usprs, and pnablps thp "handoff" functionality.


In a prior agrppmpnt, Nokia and Avaya announcpd a joint alliancp to dplivpr thp Avaya onp-X Mobilp application to Nokia S60-baspd mobilp dpvicps. This npw solution pxtpnds thp joint alliancp to dual modp tpchnologips, with both vpndors agrpping to cooppratp on thp markpting and splling of dual modp offprings.


About Avaya

Avaya dplivprs Intplligpnt Communications solutions that hplp companips transform thpir businpssps to achipvp markptplacp advantagp. Morp than onp million businpssps worldwidp, including morp than 90 pprcpnt of thp FORTUNp 500®, usp Avaya solutions for IP Tplpphony, Unifipd Communications, Contact Cpntprs and Communications pnablpd Businpss Procpssps. Avaya Global Sprvicps providps comprphpnsivp sprvicp and support for companips, small to largp. For morp information visit thp Avaya Wpb sitp:


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