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Avaya Introduces Public Safety Communications Solutions For Next Generation 911


Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions enable 911 centers to handle the growing number and types of communications coming from consumer technologies for faster responses to emergency calls.

TAMPA, Fla. – Avaya today introduced technologies designed to address the urgent need to upgrade outdated 911 systems. Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions enable 911 centers to adopt the advanced communications technologies required to handle the growing number and types of communications coming from consumer technologies and streamline processes for faster, more effective responses to emergency calls. Avaya Public Safety Communications help ensure that a call for help will be answered - even in the face of broad scale environmental disasters.


"The majority of 911 communications operations are sorely in need of modernization to function well in today's and tomorrow's communications environments," said Jeff Robertson, executive director, 911 Industry Alliance. "While the 911 system has proven to be a success over the past four decades of its existence, today it stands at an inflection point and being left behind by technological change. The typical model today is still one of a small, standalone emergency communications systems using yesterday's analog technologies."


To help emergency call systems update analog architectures to support advanced technologies, Avaya has assembled Public Safety Communications Solutions, integrated, communications software, hardware and services from Avaya and its ecosystem partners. These solutions deliver a number of benefits for 911 centers, the people and communities they serve. 


Based on highly-resilient IP Telephony, Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions make it possible to link multiple centers into municipal, county or state-wide emergency networks. This expands the pool of public safety call takers who can field the increasing volume of calls from broadly perse devices and technologies people use today. Operators along the network can manage overflow when call volume supersedes the capacity of those in one particular location or when one center is physically inaccessible. With advanced call routing, calls can be directed to the most local center first with overflow going to other centers. Networked 911 centers can also share advanced applications and technologies and distribute the cost over several sites, making migration to next generation 911 centers more economically feasible. 


Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions can enable 911 centers to accept and interact with new forms of communications, including photos, video, text and instant messaging. Presence technologies can enable a public safety call taker to quickly tap expertise in other areas – for example medical or environmental – when callers are on the line. In addition, operators can directly conference landline and cellular calls with the radios used by first responders, eliminating the delay and potential for error in relaying information from one communications channel to another. The solutions provide advanced call management capabilities which enhance the operation of Intelligent Workstations, the tools used by the majority public safety call takers to manage incoming emergency calls, locate the caller, and pass critical information to downstream systems including Computer Aided Dispatch systems.


Local or state governments can take advantage of existing communications networks and connect public safety agencies with supporting departments and functions. For example, a municipal government can extend the communications network serving administrative and constituent information or services departments to first responder and 911 operations. In addition, virtually every 911 center regularly answers calls that are not true, emergency-related calls. The ability to quickly transfer these calls to more appropriate areas frees valuable time and resources.


For extra layers of resiliency, redundant servers and locally survivable processors keep critical functions running through power, network or equipment outages. The Public Safety Communications solutions include a "portable PSAP," a fully-equipped, public safety answering position that can be installed in a vehicle or packed in a rugged container. Emergency agencies can move operations to safer ground to when evacuations are required, and connect to any network - PSTN, cellular, satellite, wifi, broadband – as well as linking to state or local agency networks for direct dialing to colleagues and access to directories, databases. 


Flexibility, Security and Speed with Market-leading Technologies, Services and Partners
Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions are based on the company's IP Telephony, Contact Center and Unified Communications applications and integrated with key emergency response technologies from other vendors. Avaya works closely with system integrators like IBM to deliver the advanced technologies and capabilities needed to meet the expanding challenges of today's world, such as the ability to bridge existing applications and databases, adaptive open system architecture, and real-time situational awareness and unified collaboration between agencies. Avaya Global Services provides implementation and ongoing support and management services.


A number of Avaya DevConnect members have already been validated for interoperability, including PlantCML, an EADS North America company; NICE Systems; and Raytheon's JPS Communications. The integration of Avaya and PlantCML Intelligent Workstations brings advanced telecommunications and contact center functionality to the public safety workflow processes.  NICE systems provides secure recording and analytics, while JPS Communications while provides interoperability in situations where public safety agencies could not otherwise communicate due to the incompatibility of their existing communications systems.
Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions: Battle-tested and proven in the field
Avaya Public Safety Communications Solutions are already supporting a number of emergency operations ranging from major metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C.'s Unified Communication Center and Florida's Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue and Emergency Operations Center, to county networks in areas such as Galveston, Texas and Dixie County, Fla.


The Galveston County Emergency Communication District (GCECD) fields more than 193,000 calls each year over eight PSAPs, linked into a single IP Telephony-based network. The system allows GCECD to relocate dispatchers to other locations – even hundreds of miles away – and log in as if they were at their own station. The Avaya IP Telephony architecture also helps the district realize efficiencies in both maintenance and administration. Since all eight PSAPs are networked, call overflow is directed to alternative sites from a central administrative position.


GCECD emergency district leaders have Avaya VPN phones to connect to the network from home or non-county locations by simply plugging into any broadband connection. Since crisis response and recovery begins at ground zero, getting the right communications deployed quickly is critical: Galveston's "portable PSAP" along with it's Mobile Command Vehicle utilizes the same technology deployed at the PSAPS, including  IP Telephony, 911 call receipt & radio dispatch and is equipped with wireless antenna that allows multiple entry points to the county wide emergency network.


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