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Hainan Airlines Group Enhances Productivity and Collaboration with Avaya Unified Communications


Avaya announced that Hainan Airlines Group (HNA) has deployed an Avaya Aura™ Unified Communications system to enhance operational efficiency and boost collaboration.


BEIJING, CHINA – Avaya, a global leader in enterprise communications systems, software and services, today announced that Hainan Airlines Group (HNA) has deployed an Avaya Aura™ Unified Communications system to enhance operational efficiency and boost collaboration in support of the Group’s strategy to establish itself as a provider of persified services beyond air transportation.


HNA Group has been expanding from air transportation to travel, logistics and financial services. Its services can now cover all the key elements of tourism, including catering, lodging, traveling, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment. HNA wanted to build a new IT and communications platform to support this expansion and to further raise efficiency and overall service levels.


The new Avaya Aura system connects company facilities nationwide, which HNA expects will help reduce long distance call expenses by approximately 20 percent.  Nearly 5000 employees now benefit from more effective tools for collaboration, training and mobile working, and rich applications such as audio and web conferencing, click-to-call, voice mail and a unified dial plan.  The new system will also easily expand to cover Shanghai and other branches in the future.


"The rapid business growth and persification strategy of the Group means more demanding requests for our IT and communications systems," said Tang Lichao, Vice General Manager, Information Management Department of HNA Group. "Communications is not just about making calls. We want to bring communications together with our other business critical systems, and also streamline the multiple tools our staff uses. We expect the new communications system to play a significant role in enhancing our efficiency and collaboration levels, and it has laid a good foundation for us to further enhance overall operations and service quality."


John Wang, Managing Director of Avaya China, said, "Our mission is to help companies like HNA Group transform their communications systems into strategic assets, increase the effectiveness of real-time communications and collaboration, and become more agile, efficient and competitive. Our commitment to open standards has made it much easer for HNA Group to integrate telephony with its existing systems, and develop applications that are tailored for the company's own needs."


The Avaya communications system is integrated with HNA's instant messaging and email systems. This enables employees to locate and contact people using consolidated  directories, view presence information, click on a name in IM or email to initiate a voice call,  and treat voicemail as email which can be easily stored, recorded or forwarded.


HNA has also adopted Avaya Meeting Exchange, the state-of-art conferencing solution, and Avaya Web Conferencing, a web-based collaboration tool. Employees can effectively set up and manage virtual meetings, regardless of time or locations, for knowledge sharing and training purposes. Participants can make use of rich web-based features to share documents, conduct private or group discussions, making conferences more interactive and productive. 


Avaya has a strong presence in the airline industry. Its networks power all of the world’s top 20 airlines*


About Avaya

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* based on airline rankings from Air Transport World--World Airline Report

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