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Zenoss Uses Avaya Unified Communications To Deliver High Flexibility and Cost-Effective Connectivity to Employees


Zenoss has selected an Avaya IP Office unified communications solution to meet a range of small- and medium-sized business communications needs. 


BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Zenoss Inc., a fast-growing provider of enterprise IT management products for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT environments, has selected an Avaya IP Office unified communications solution to meet a range of small- and medium-sized business communications needs.  Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Zenoss, Inc. was established in 2005 to provide businesses with alternatives to legacy IT management tools and empower them with simple, affordable, scalable solutions.


Zenoss' products, which are used in more than 25,000 organizations in 180 countries, monitor the critical IT infrastructure for companies worldwide, and as such, must ensure continuously available customer support. To do this, Zenoss replaced its prior communications system with a flexible, centralized solution powered by Avaya IP Office in order to connect the company's more than 60 employees across its headquarters, Austin, Texas offices, and other remote locations. This includes 20 remotely located sales people, developers and support engineers. Many of Zenoss' employees work while on the go, and require unified communications tools to remain instantly accessible.


Zenoss chose to host Avaya IP Office in a co-located data center in Delaware to support both office locations and various remote home offices. This provides a more cost-effective and simplified way to manage communications, while ensuring the bandwidth necessary to drive high reliability. According to John Hamilton, director of IT at Zenoss, the flexibility of Avaya IP Office enables Zenoss to use a virtualized approach to provide advanced communications to all employees in the most efficient way. Data Voice Exchange, an Avaya Business Partner helped Zenoss in their implementation of Avaya IP Office. 


"We didn't want to invest in data center facilities due to the high cost of acquisition and upkeep," says Hamilton. "Instead, IP Office gave us the flexibility to place our phone system in a hosted facility, an approach that provides the most highly available environment, and the benefits of a data center, without incurring the costs of deploying and maintaining our own center."


As a result, Zenoss says it sees an 80 percent increase in cost savings from co-hosting Avaya IP Office and the data center, when compared to their prior system, as well as 90 percent savings in rack space.


"Since IP Office is remotely manageable, I never have to touch it, and it provides the networking capability that we need in order to allow everyone to communicate in real-time," adds Hamilton. "Avaya IP Office is stable, secure, and the call quality is great. Additionally, our employees can work from home, while using tools that maintain professional consistency for customers."


Hamilton adds that from a support standpoint, Avaya IP Office has been a complete success, as support calls have dropped from more than 30 a month with its previous solution to almost zero with Avaya IP Office.


SIP-enhanced user experiences drive greater productivity

In order to communicate across all offices more effectively, Zenoss relies on open SIP technologies that drive advanced capabilities ranging from video conferencing to "hot desking," which allows workers to log into any end point at any location while retaining their personal settings. This is part of the Avaya IP Office Power User solution that enables key personnel and employees to respond to customers and colleagues in the quickest way. The company previously relied on another videoconferencing service, but soon realized the need for a more secure service. With Avaya IP Office's SIP capabilities, Zenoss employees are now able to join both video and audio conferencing simultaneously in one secure place. Additionally, SIP allows multi-vendor usage of phones and equipment, driving greater flexibility and savings.


"We want to use the most cutting edge and productive communications technologies, so Avaya IP Office was the natural choice for us," said Hamilton. SIP has been an effective solution for the company, and since implementing Avaya IP Office, Zenoss reports it sees productivity gains of 60 percent across its employee base, tied to improvements in home-based working and the use of collaboration technologies.


Zenoss also uses the latest version of Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office in its operations, and has already been reaping its benefits. "This is a great tool that lets us see the presence of our co-workers, which is ideal for remote or home-based employees," says Hamilton. "With Avaya IP Office, we are confident that we can always remain productive and accessible wherever we go."


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