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International University of Kagoshima Deploys Avaya Fabric Connect Networking Solution for Greater Campus Security and Flexibility

International University of Kagoshima Deploys Avaya Fabric Connect Networking Solution for Greater Campus Security and Flexibility
  • Simplifies network to support faster delivery of new applications and services
  • Fabric Connect helps to deliver operational cost savings and reduced waiting time
  • Meets University’s needs for security, traffic separation and business continuity

Tokyo, Japan: Avaya, the leading global provider of customer and team engagement solutions, today announced that Japan’s International University of Kagoshima has chosen Avaya Fabric Connect, the next-generation network virtualization solution, for its campus network.

The University wanted to safeguard security across its campus network while at the same time adding new capability and the flexibility to accommodate future growth in demand for IT systems. Avaya Fabric Connect is based on Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), an Ethernet technology standardized as IEEE802.1aq in 2012. The technology was used earlier this year to support the network requirements of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, and has been successfully deployed by over 180 customers around the world.

Because Avaya Fabric Connect can route communications to the shortest detour path in the event of a failure, it helps secure network infrastructure reliability, and helps ensure business continuity. It is also designed to simplify the network dramatically, relying on a single protocol across the network. This helps both to minimize network failure sources and to accelerate the time to deploy new applications and services.

The University network is primarily used for web access by students and faculty, and the new fabric-based network will be able to allow greater flexibility to deploy new services as and when students and faculty need them. New applications can be tuned up in minutes, without the need to wait for the availability of maintenance windows, or the need to provision multiple network elements for each application. Switch settings are only needed on network edge switches configured with SPB technology, accelerating deployment and dramatically reducing man-hours required to make a change, significantly reducing operational costs.

The same network will also help to support all of the University’s management and operational requirements, as its multi-tenancy design allows for each virtual network to be fully independent and secure, while sharing the same physical infrastructure. This is important to the University for both data protection and compliance requirements.
The International University of Kagoshima is also planning to expand the role of Fabric Connect further into the school’s business operations, helping to create a flexible end-to-end campus network.

”Avaya Fabric Connect technology is helping customers across Asia Pacific to build a network fit for the needs of today’s application-rich, mobile world. We are delighted to be supporting the International University of Kagoshima in providing secure, easy-to-use services and applications for students, faculty and school operations Avaya customers are particularly excited by the speed of service delivery and the elimination of the need to wait for maintenance windows – which increases their business agility and limits network downtime. The ability to provision new applications and services at the edge of the network reduces the need for costly and error-prone human intervention across multiple network elements, and allows customers – like the International University of Kagoshima - to deploy new applications in minutes.”
Andrew Hindmarch, APAC Networking Director, Avaya

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About Avaya:
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