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Avaya Japan Enhances Integration with “LINE Customer Connect” for Seamless Customer Service and Reduced Costs for Contact Center Operators


Support for LINE Free Calls on Avaya Contact Center System will help lower the cost of toll-free calling while supporting an omnichannel customer experience

Tokyo Japan, 2017 – Avaya announced today it has enhanced integration with “LINE Customer Connect," the customer support service for businesses offered by LINE Corporation. The expanded relationship provides support for LINE free calls on Avaya Japan’s contact center system, enabling businesses to significantly reduce the cost of toll-free calling.

LINE is the most popular messaging app in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan with about 218 million monthly active users.

The expanded partnership is another step toward enabling contact centers using Avaya Japan systems to provide true omnichannel support to end users. The expanded integration of different channels and added support for the LINE free calling function will enable end users to seamlessly move between chat and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) on the LINE app while receiving customer support from businesses.

Benefits to contact center operating companies

In addition to significantly reduce the costs of toll-free calling, agents at operating companies will have seamless access the preceding LINE chat conversation on the Avaya contact center system screen. Avaya’s call-routing feature will allow the agent to continue conversations started on chat or LINE free calls without disruption in the flow of communication.

Benefits to customers (end users)

Users can connect from a company’s customer support website without having to dial a telephone number, and can seamlessly integrate chat and phone functionality on the same LINE app, allowing them to choose their preferred method of support.

The beta version will be offered in the Spring this year. Official launch is scheduled for the summer of 2017.


“We are very pleased to extend our partnership with LINE, which boasts overwhelming superiority among communication apps. With the new integration enhancements, we are able to offer an overwhelming advantage to contact center operating businesses, with significant reduction in calling costs. This is a benefit that could not have been achieved without integration with LINE. We want to continue to explore collaboration with various companies as we seek to achieve true contact center omnichannel support that enables instant integration of various channels.”
Hideki Wachi, Country Managing Director, Avaya Japan

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