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Shelby County Conducts First NG911 Additional Data Call With Avaya, 911 Secure and RapidSOS – Ushering New Era of Superior Emergency Services


ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NENA 2019 – Shelby County, Tennessee in partnership with Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA), 911 Secure, and RapidSOS, conducted the first call leveraging NG911 additional data with ground-breaking location-based discovery capabilities to pinpoint the exact location of a caller or device during an emergency and deliver that information to 911 call takers.

As is common with many municipal facilities nationwide, Shelby County buildings are multi-floor, multi-department offices with key-lock, proximity or biometric access. In many instances first-responders would face an emergency call from a building with eight to twelve floors of 9,000-20,000 square feet each, and multiple rooms, small offices and cubicle areas. They would be forced to navigate this maze with no information as to floor-plan, office numbers, service-closets, hazardous areas, among other obstacles and route challenges.

Avaya introduced 911 Secure to the county as a proof of concept exercise, initially targeting three floors of the main administration building. Avaya IX Workplace with 911 Secure’s SENTRY™ utilizes new integration capabilities with the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. Through RapidSOS, first responders can access not only a building address, and the specific endpoint location from which a call was placed, but other critical details such as the square footage of the property, detailed floor plans, and which entrance is best to use -- all within seconds.

“Avaya has been a trusted partner of Shelby County Government for almost ten years,” said Jeff Yallope, manager customer support & telecommunications, Shelby County, TN. “We have worked with them on several prior product rollouts, and have a high level of confidence in their abilities to ‘get it right’ the first time. During the preliminary testing phase we were immediately impressed with the system’s ability to recognize when an endpoint was relocated from one subnet to another; it was virtually instantaneous and we could immediately see that one of our issues–endpoint portability–would be resolved. The 911 Secure capability to clearly identify locations by sub-net is having a significant and beneficial impact on our network design standards. We now insist on using best-practices for all ongoing network moves, adds and changes and are working retroactively to remedy some areas in preparation for a 911 Secure implementation.”

“In situations where every second counts, seamless communication can make all the difference,” said Mark Fletcher, ENP and chief architect of worldwide public safety solutions, Avaya. “This new ability to share real-time data and collaborate with public safety significantly breaks down communication silos and enables first responders with detailed, life-saving data. Avaya is the only communication solution provider spanning the entire continuum of public safety–from the enterprise office worker placing an emergency call, to a PSAP, to mobile first responders, and to healthcare professionals at hospitals and trauma centers. It’s a role we take seriously.”

Shelby County plans to expand a complete roll-out of 911 Secure’s SENTRY™ solution to cover the entire main administration building and the remaining seven or eight multi-level county buildings in the downtown Memphis area in the near future.

The company is showcasing its emergency services solutions, and more, at the Avaya booth #207 at NENA 2019 Conference, June 14-19, in Orlando, FL. #NENA2019, #ExperiencesThatMatter

Learn more about Avaya’s Public Safety Communications & Next-Gen Emergency Services.

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About 911 Secure

911 Secure was founded because the need for a comprehensive, affordable, easy to use Enhanced/NG911 solution was essential within the industry. 911 Secure only provides Enhanced and Next Generation 911 services. By focusing on only 911 calls, we are able to ensure that all of our attention and product development is always pushing forward to the same goal. We believe in old fashion customer service. This is extremely important to us, due to the fact that our business is about saving lives. 911 calls are the most important calls that will ever be processed by a call server. We pride ourselves on always being on the cutting edge of the latest technology. By always being at the forefront we are able to provide the best 911 call routing solution and notify the correct on-site personnel that 911 has been called. We are excited to help organizations protect their employees and visitors. Secure your future today with 911 Secure! Visit us at

About RapidSOS

Partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) companies and the public safety community, RapidSOS provides a rich data link to public safety via the RapidSOS Clearinghouse – sending life-saving data to aid in emergency response. RapidSOS implements best-in-class security practices including end-to-end encryption for data in the Clearinghouse and an information security management program developed with IBM that has achieved ISO 27001 compliance, a rigorous and globally-recognized cybersecurity certification. The RapidSOS Clearinghouse is a free service to public safety, and is integrated with all major vendors of 911 call-taking, dispatching and mapping software. Learn more about RapidSOS:

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